Should I Hire a Maid Service or an Individual?

Should I Hire a Maid Service or an Individual?

Why do some homeowners choose a professional cleaning company while others hire an individual to help care for their home?  This really is not about a cleaning company vs. an individual, but rather about what role YOU want to have in hiring and managing the cleaning process, along with how much risk you and your family are willing to take.


Do You Want to Be An Employer?

The first question is do you want to be an employer? A professional cleaning company will interview, screen, hire, and train the employees who will be maintaining your home. You will not have to worry if the proper product is being used on the surfaces in your home because training will be handled by the cleaning company. Also, all payroll taxes and federal and state unemployment insurance will be managed by the company you hire to clean your home. If you determine that an individual is best to service your home, then you the homeowner will be responsible for all payroll taxes and withholdings. If you hire the individual as a contractor, remember to file 1099 at year-end for the contract work that has been performed. While the initial price quoted to clean your home may be lower with an individual cleaner, remember the IRS may require you to supply Publication 926 for Household Employees and Employment Verification Form I-9.

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Who Supplies Cleaning Products and Equipment?

If you hire an individual, often you will be asked to supply cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning cloths for the person you have hired. You may also want to instruct the individual with what you feel is the proper cleaning methods they should be using while in your home. Professional house cleaners will supply everything necessary to clean your home. Their house cleaning technicians will be trained on how to use the products and the processes necessary to properly maintain your home.


Your Family’s Health Matters to Us

At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, the #1 way we prevent the spread of infection in your home is by using PerfectCLEAN® microfiber cloths. These cloths remove 99% of organic matter from surfaces. They also contain anti-microbial threads, which kill any germs caught in the fibers. 

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As an extra precaution, we color code our cloths to prevent cross-contamination between rooms. 

How Many risks Are You Willing to Take?

Many do not consider the risks when trying to determine whether an individual or a professional house cleaning company should care for their home. If the person cleaning your home falls, trips, or gets injured in some other manner while cleaning your home, who is responsible? Who must make sure the injured worker gets the proper medical treatment. Who will pay for treatment? If you hire an individual, you the homeowner will be liable and responsible for their care and treatment. If you elect to hire an individual, you should check with your insurance company to see if your homeowner’s insurance will cover you if the person gets injured while cleaning your home. Laws differ from state to state but may require the homeowner to provide workers compensation insurance for individuals working in your home. Workers compensation insurance provides medical coverage to someone who is injured or becomes ill while cleaning your home. If you hire a company, the company will have insurance that will ensure the cleaning technician receives the proper treatment and care for any injury they sustain while at your residence. Your first reaction may be to take your chances. But remember: you are doing just that, taking a chance and putting your family at risk.

What happens if something is damaged while cleaning your home? If your hardwood floors get damaged, or something gets broken, who will pay for the repairs or replacement of the broken item?  Individuals may look to you, the homeowner to cover these expenses. Many individuals are not insured and any damage to your home will result in the homeowner paying for the repairs. A professional cleaning company will have insurance that will cover the repair or replacement cost, removing this burden and risk from your family.

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