You could clean old-fashioned glass TV screens with ammonia and alcohol. However, modern TV screens are often treated with anti-glare coatings that are damaged by window cleaners, so new ways are needed to clean them. What kind of cleaner can you use on a flat-screen TV? Read on to find out!

How do you clean a flat-screen TV without streaks?

With only three simple steps, your TV can be shiny and dirt-free again.

1. Turn off your TV

This is not only safer for you, but it also makes it easier to see fingerprints, dust, and dog nose prints on the dark screen.

2. Use a silky microfiber cloth

Avoid paper towels, facial tissues, and scratchy fabrics as these can damage the new flat screens. The smooth microfiber cloths used to clean eyeglasses and camera lenses are perfect for cleaning modern TV screens.

3. Avoid ammonia and alcohol

As mentioned before, ammonia and alcohol can damage the anti-glare coatings on flat-screen TVs. You can clean a smart TV screen by gently wiping with silky microfiber slightly dampened with water. More stubborn smudges can be removed by diluting a minimal amount of mild dish soap and using a soft microfiber to gently wipe the screen. Then be sure to wipe away any soap residue left on the screen with a smooth microfiber slightly dampened with water. Never spray anything directly onto the screen as the liquid can drip down and wick its way into the set around the screen’s bottom edge and cause damage.

How to clean a remote control?

How to clean a remote controlWhen you’re cleaning your flat-screen TV, don’t forget the remote control. Here’s what to do:

  • Remove the batteries, turn it upside down, and tap it against the palm of your hand to dislodge any small crumbs and dirt that may have become stuck between the buttons and the casing. 
  • Spray a cleaning chemical lightly into your microfiber cloth and clean the buttons and the case. 
  • Clean around the buttons with a slightly damp cotton swab, old toothbrush, or toothpick, if necessary.

Where can I find a reputable cleaning company?

If you aren’t sure how to clean smudges off your flat screen TV or have another question for top cleaning experts, Castle Keepers is here for you. We are a top-rated, reliable maid service, which can help you get rid of pesky dust bunnies and cobwebs, consistently keep your carpeting in check, and provide you with streak-free windows all year round.

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