Isn’t it embarrassing when guests are at your house, and you notice an intricate spider web draped in the corner? (That definitely was NOT there yesterday.) Or what about the dust bunnies you see under the couch while searching for the missing remote control? (Those definitely were NOT there yesterday.) Cobwebs, dust bunnies, pet hair tumbleweeds – they seem to appear overnight and out of nowhere.

What are dust bunnies made of?

What causes dust credits journalist Penny Ward Moser for doing some serious research on dust bunnies back in the mid-1980s. In writing a piece for Discover magazine, she sent dust bunnies from her home out for laboratory analysis. Turns out, dust bunnies consist of “any number of things, including pet and human hairs, pillow feathers, insect parts, clothing bits and other fibers, soil, mold spores, meteor dust, pollen, and yeast.”

What causes dust bunnies?

Moser also found dust bunnies often form under the bed because of the “still air pockets.” Poor air circulation under your bed gives dust bunnies a great place to develop in peace. Chances are you’ll also find dust bunnies in ducts and vents where they are blown by air currents. They also tend to stick to spider webs. 

How to prevent dust bunnies under the bed?

Regular vacuuming will help with dust bunnies. Move the furniture and try leaving the windows open on a cool day to help with air circulation. Remember, poor air circulation = dust bunnies. Also, knocking out the spider webs in your house will keep the dust bunnies and pet hair tumbleweeds under control because they have nowhere to “stick.” 

What is the best way to clean cobwebs?

Cobwebs tend to gather in low corners and high ceilings where tiny spiders hang out unnoticed because they don’t get as thorough a cleaning when we’re rushing to run the vacuum cleaner. A broom is the most accessible tool for clearing cobwebs. You also can put a microfiber towel over the end of the broom and then toss the towel in the washing machine when you’re done attacking all the corners.

You can also use vacuum attachments to clean corners; just be sure to empty the filter or change the bag to remove any spiders who survived the suction and may try to escape later. Move furniture when cleaning – it doesn’t do you much good to clean the corners but leave the cobwebs behind the couch. And should a stray dust bunny float across the floor when company arrives, you can always say, “That definitely was NOT there yesterday.”

What cleaning company should I hire to keep my home clean?

With years of experience and a long record of happy customers, Castle Keepers can help you keep your house fresh and dust-free. Rely on us to meticulously clean your carpet, perform a detailed window cleaning service, make your TV screen shine without putting it at risk, or remove pet dander and other allergens from your home.

Our cleaning services rest on the principles of integrity and honesty, and unlike individual cleaners you may find, we’re bonded, insured, and 100% dependable. Schedule your service today!


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