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Best Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services in Isle of Palms

Castle Keepers House Cleaning services has been at the forefront of innovation and leadership among house cleaning professionals for years. We pioneered environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning methods in residential cleaning. Fill out the form here to get your free quote now!

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For immediate service, call (843) 569-4400. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm. 

Eco-Friendly Maid Services You Can Trust in Isle of Palms Since 1994

Castle Keepers is the most trusted name in professional house cleaning. Before our cleaning technicians enter your home, they undergo a background check, and are thoroughly trained in professional techniques for the care of all types of surfaces. Our teams are better screened, better trained, and provide a better clean.

Castle Keepers House Cleaning was the world’s first home cleaning service to earn a Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification and its Green Building designation. We guarantee customer satisfaction in every home we clean. Learn more here.

Industry Leaders in Green Cleaning in Isle of Palms




Castle Keepers House Cleaning has long been a leader in green cleaning. We do more than pay lip service to protecting the environment. Our green cleaning techniques are safer for children and pets, and are non-toxic. We use less water and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Learn more here.

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Castle Keepers is proud to serve our clients and give them back time to do the things that matter most in life. We’re one of the fastest growing maid services in the nation because we listen to our clients. After every cleaning, we email our clients a Cleaning Scorecard. This allows you as a client to rate your team with just a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone. We do our best to respond to your suggestions for improvement. Your honest feedback is how any company gets better and our goal is to be the very best cleaning service. We get lots of business by word of mouth, but of course we appreciate reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Thank you!

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We believe in open and honest communication. You will never be blindsided by extra fees or underwhelming services as our main priority is your satisfaction guaranteed.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Isle of Palms

The Isle of Palms is located along the Atlantic Ocean, 15 miles east of downtown Charleston. The island is 4.4 square miles of land. The island’s original inhabitants were members of the Seewee tribe. During the Civil War the H.L. Hunley, the first successful combat submarine, departed from Breach Inlet, between the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island. In the late 1800s, local residents began using the island as a vacation spot. After WWII, large scale development beganWild Dunes Beach Resort was established on the northeast end of the island in 1975. The Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission operates the Isle of Palms County Park right on the beach.

At Castle Keepers, cleaning your home is a combination of several steps that contribute towards your ultimate happiness with our cleaning service. Castle Keepers specializes in all sorts of cleaning from deep cleans to move-out cleaning to green cleans and more. Castle Keepers is here to serve Isle of Palms, one clean home at a time. We look forward to having the opportunity to impress you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides top-to-bottom house cleaning services near me in Charleston & the neighborhood?2023-07-17T10:22:41-04:00

If you’re looking for comprehensive maid services, reach out to us for all your cleaning needs and tasks. We are your go-to professionals who take steps to provide excellent service to all our customers. We’re also here to render expert-based house cleanings in Greenville, in addition to providing quality house cleaning services in North Charleston, as well as professional maid service assistance in Summerville.

It makes no difference if your home is located near the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, or closer to the Charleston City Market. Just tell us where you want our cleaners and we’ll dispatch them. Just contact us and we’ll do all the tedious chores for you. Never waste a single minute again with us!

Are green house cleaning products really safe?2023-07-05T12:51:34-04:00

Green housekeeping supplies are the safest cleaning products of them all because they’re made using natural ingredients and don’t contain harsh chemicals that may damage your belongings or produce harmful smells and residues. What’s more, their manufacturing process uses up less energy and is significantly more environmentally-friendly than that of traditional solutions.

Are eco-friendly house cleaning products more expensive?2023-07-05T12:51:06-04:00

There’s no need to worry about this when you hire Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Charleston. We bring our own high-quality green supplies to each job, so you don’t have to buy anything. Feel free to kick back and relax, or go outside and take care of your other responsibilities, while our team makes your home shine.

Do you tip regular house cleaners?2023-07-05T12:50:06-04:00

Although tips aren’t expected, they’re definitely welcome. If you feel your professional has done a particularly good job, giving them a tip is a great way to brighten their day and show how much you appreciate their hard work. You can either do this in person or, if you’re not going to be home when they show up, by leaving the tip on the dining room table or some other surface where it’ll be easy to find.

What is the average cost to have somebody clean your house?2023-07-05T12:49:27-04:00

The easiest way to inquire about the potential house cleaning costs is to contact the company you’re thinking about hiring, give them the information they need to provide you with a quote, and see how much their services would cost. Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Charleston is a company with reasonable and transparent pricing, and you can count on us to provide an accurate estimate of the costs. Contact us today!

Should you stay at home with your house cleaner?2023-07-05T12:49:00-04:00

This all depends on the company you hire. Some companies prefer for you to stay at your home while their cleaners do their work, while others think it’s perfectly fine for you to leave your home while they’re taking care of the chores.

We hire only the most trustworthy professionals. All our employees undergo a series of background checks and vetting processes that ensure they are reliable enough to enter your home. So, if you need to leave while they do the cleaning, you’re free to do so without worrying what might happen. We’re a company you can trust.

What does maid service include?2023-07-05T12:47:52-04:00

The content of a standard house cleaning package greatly depends on two things – the company you hire and the package you choose. However, there are some companies that offer more room for personalization and customization, allowing you to receive exactly the cleaning you were looking for.

Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Charleston is one such company. Our practices allow for complete customization of our service. This means you will always receive the quality you need and end up completely satisfied with our house cleaning services in Charleston and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and let’s start working together.

Are maid services worth the investment?2023-07-05T12:47:11-04:00

Yes, hiring a professional maid service is definitely worth the investment, especially if you hire professionals from Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Charleston. We will help you get your free time back and clean your home to the highest possible standards. Contact us today and be fast on your way to a life-changing decision that will eliminate the need to deal with your daily chores.


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We’re the professional cleaning service that aims to “wow” you with every single clean. We believe that the highest quality is what’s important and we don’t settle for anything less than perfect. To that end, we put forth our best effort in every aspect of. your cleaning experience. From the seamless booking form to the customer service and of course our. stellar cleaning quality.

Book your service today and we’ll send out one of our trusted professional cleaners to take care of your home today.


If you would like to become part of a leading house cleaning company, contact Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Charleston today. We provide a great work atmosphere, staff incentives, and excellent industry opportunities for your job satisfaction.

Your Family’s Health Matters to Us

At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, the #1 way we prevent the spread of infection in your home is by using PerfectCLEAN® microfiber cloths. These cloths remove 99% of organic matter from surfaces. They also contain anti-microbial threads, which kill any germs caught in the fibers. As an extra precaution, we color code our cloths to prevent cross-contamination between rooms. 

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