A Brief History of Housekeeping

Home cleaning has never been easy or enjoyable. However, as technology advanced, chores became less time consuming and demanded less energy. Home maintenance has come a long way which makes the brief history of housekeeping very interesting and eventful. Although the upkeep has gone through major changes over centuries and become a lot easier, many people prefer to rely on…

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3 Ways to Store Your Cleaning Supplies

The key to keeping your home spotless and sanitary is having a stock of quality cleaning products. However, they tend to emit vapor, and you should protect yourself and your family from long-term exposure to toxins. Therefore, you need to designate a perfect spot in the house to have easy access to the supplies and keep them out of the…

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Top Tips For a Good Weekly Cleaning Schedule

There is only so much a person can do in a day. When we leave the office our work for that day is done. However, when we get home from work we have another, equally demanding job that never seems to end – chores.   No matter how hard you try to keep your house tidy there are always some dirty…

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What Should You Clean Every Month?

Although we do housework day after day, there are always some spots that we miss. If they get neglected, keeping them dust-free will turn into an impossible mission. Devising a monthly plan and identifying the weak spots will get your house in immaculate condition. If, however, perpetual scrubbing and mopping cause you great inconvenience, you can always count on reputable…

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The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Getting your home ready for a detailed move out cleaning can be easy to overlook with all the scheduling, coordinating, and packing waiting for you. However, leaving your old house spotless is as important as it is to sanitize your new home thoroughly.  If you want to handle it quickly and efficiently, turning to Atlanta's professional move out cleaning is…

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5 Things to do Before the House Cleaner Arrives

If you're like most people, you probably don't enjoy cleaning. You’ve decided to hire a cleaning service in Lilburn to tackle these tedious housekeeping chores for you. However, in order for the cleaners to do their job well, they need to be able to work in a clean environment. Take a proactive approach and help the cleaners before they arrive.…

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Do Cleaners Bring Their Own Supplies and Equipment?

Most house cleaning or maid services provide the cleaning chemicals and equipment. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations state that employers are required to make sure that equipment is safe to use for employees and that employees are trained on how to use equipment and chemicals safely.


2021 National Cleaning Week

The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) have proclaimed March March 28 - April 3 National Cleaning Week. National Cleaning Week celebrates the value of clean and the important, positive impact cleaning has on public health, the environment, and the economy. ISSA has conducted research on how regular and proper cleaning in…

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Fewer People Plan Spring Cleaning in 2021

According to a survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, only 69% of Americans plan to do their annual spring cleaning this year. That is down 8% from 2020. While the United States is still in the midst of mitigating COVID-19, why would that number go down? It is precisely because of the pandemic. Throughout the past year, more people…

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