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Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville is a renowned maid service that offers comprehensive, eco-friendly services to clients in Mauldin and the surrounding areas. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our process, or request your free estimate here:

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For immediate service, call (864) 200-2550. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm. 

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As the leader among cleaning companies in Mauldin and the nearby communities, Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville is uniquely equipped to provide you with the complete range of housekeeping services. We carefully train and vet all prospective cleaners to ensure your satisfaction, safety, and peace of mind. We also include a 100% happiness guarantee with every service we offer.

Over the years, our focus on carrying out thorough, environmentally-friendly services has even earned us the vaunted Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certificate, as well as a Green Building designation.

Comprehensive green house cleaning service in Mauldin




What is more important than making sure future generations grow up in a lush and healthy world? At our company, we say: not much! To protect both our clients and our planet, our experts in maid service use eco-friendly, non-toxic products and adhere to special protocols that minimize our carbon footprint by greatly reducing the amount of water we use.

Out clients hold us in high regard

We’re always looking for your feedback

At Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville, we’re constantly searching for ways to further optimize our maid service in Mauldin to better meet the needs of our clients. If you have any criticisms, ideas, or comments, please share them with us. We’ll even give you a digital scoreboard after your appointment that you can easily fill out and send back to us. We would also really appreciate it if you took a moment to rate us on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Castle Keepers House Cleaning in Greenville, SC Reviews

Our maid service never cuts corners

We regularly go the extra mile to exceed your expectations and bring you the best possible house cleaning service in Mauldin. Our pricing is 100% transparent and free of any hidden fees and other unpleasant surprises.

Your go-to green house cleaning service near you in Maudlin

With over 15 years of industry presence and an excellent track record, we boast the experience, expertise, and equipment our competitors simply can’t match. From one-time and recurring services, to highly detailed deep, move-in/out, corporate, and green/eco-friendly services, there’s no cleaning service we can’t provide.

By entrusting your chores to us, you’ll not only get a spotless and hygienic home, you’ll also reclaim the free time you need to enjoy everything Mauldin has to offer. Let our housekeeping pros take care of the mopping and scrubbing while you relax at Sunset Park or enjoy a family outing to the Mauldin Cultural Center.


Here at Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville, we believe the only right way to do business is to always strive to bring as much value as possible to our clients. To ensure consistently high quality maid service every time, we bring our own green supplies that deliver excellent results without leaving any residues or smells that may be harmful to your family or the environment. Of course, if you’d like us to use your own cleaning products instead, our team will be happy to oblige.


Want to be a part of a winning team? We bring a wonderful company culture, numerous industry opportunities, and various staff incentives and company benefits. Join Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville today!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an eco-friendly house cleaning company near me in Mauldin, SC & the area?2023-07-14T10:54:03-04:00

With more than 15 years of industry experience and a long list of loyal clients, Castle Keepers House Cleaning of Greenville is your one-stop-shop for your home cleaning needs in Greenville and other communities across South Carolina.

In addition to highly detailed maid services in Mauldin, we also offer outstanding housekeeping services in Spartanburg, as well as extensive home cleaning services in Powdersville and adjacent neighborhoods. Call us today if you’d like to schedule an appointment or ask further questions about who we are and why we’re the right choice for all your housekeeping needs.

How much does a typical maid cleaning service cost?2023-07-12T14:14:20-04:00

The price of your house cleaning service is calculated based on the size of your property in Mauldin, the type of housekeeping service requested, how long it’s been since the place was last tidied up, whether it’s a one-time or recurring service, and more. To easily get an instant estimate, simply fill out our online quote request form. Our pricing is honest and straightforward, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

How long does it take to clean a dirty house?2023-07-12T14:13:58-04:00

This depends entirely on the square footage of the home in question, how messy it is, whether it contains shedding pets, whether specialized tasks such as oven degreasing and window washing are included, and more. The simplest way to get an accurate time estimate is to contact and consult with our experts directly. We’ll ask you a few questions that will help us determine how long your maid service in Mauldin is going to take.

What can I expect from a maid service?2023-07-12T14:13:21-04:00

Exactly what’s included in your maid service will depend on the type of service you requested (one-time, recurring, deep, move-in/move-out, etc.), and whether you requested any specialized services such as oven and fridge interior cleaning.

At our company, our basic checklist includes:

  • Dusting light fixtures, window sills, sashes, blinds, doors, shutters, baseboards, and frames
  • Dusting furniture, shelves, lampshades, and knicknacks
  • Dusting exposed vents, ceiling fans, and light fixtures
  • Scrubbing toilet exteriors and interiors
  • Emptying trash cans and replacing liners
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Vacuuming rugs and carpets
  • Wiping interiors and exteriors of microwaves
  • Wiping faucets and sinks
  • Wiping and sanitizing countertops
  • Making beds
  • Washing and shining bathroom fixtures
  • Wiping exteriors of appliances
  • Wiping stove tops
  • Removing stains and drips from kitchen drawers and cabinets
Does a clean house make you happier?2023-07-12T14:12:46-04:00

Absolutely! It’s hard to be happy when you’re sick, and regular house cleaning keeps your home in Mauldin mostly free of germs, allergens, toxins, parasites, and other harmful organisms and substances.

Furthermore, a tidy, organized home that smells and looks fresh improves the quality of your sleep, makes you feel better about yourself, and makes your guests feel more comfortable. All of this contributes to your personal happiness.


Your Happiness Is Our Top Priority

We have one goal: to make you so impressed with the house cleaning service we offer that you’ll immediately become our loyal client and recommend us to your friends and neighbors in Mauldin and beyond. We exhaustively vet, train, and background check prospective cleaners to ensure they have what it takes to consistently provide the very highest standard of service. Give us a call today and watch as our pros bring lasting freshness to your home.
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