Robot Baby Aids Carpet Debris Research

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Robot Baby Aids Carpet Debris Research A creepily cute robot baby created by Purdue University researchers is helping to determine how much dirt, pollen, skin cells, fungal spores, and bacteria are stirred up and breathed in by crawling infants. Indoor environments, mainly carpeted areas, can trap a diverse collection of debris, and [...]

32 Totally Terrific Toilet Facts

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As per data collected by the World Toilet Organization, 1 billion people in the world defecate in the open. As per smart phone studies, the more features your smart phone has, the longer you sit on the toilet when you have your phone with you. Seventy-five percent of smart phone owners use [...]

How Do You Celebrate World Toilet Day?

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How Do You Celebrate World Toilet Day? To many in the United States and other western countries, World Toilet Day seems like a set up for a joke and not a likely candidate for a holiday. Unfortunately, November 19th is not as trivial or humorous as it may seem. World Toilet Day strives [...]

Nine Filters You Should Clean Regularly

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1. Air Purifier: Many air purifiers have two filters – a pre-filter and a primary HEPA filter. Many pre-filters can be just wiped down and reused, but the main HEPA filter should be replaced every six to 12 months. An indicator light conveniently tells you when to replace the pre-filter, but it’s [...]

How to Vacuum Like a Pro to Save Time and Energy

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Here are some ways to save time and effort when vacuuming: Most people will tell you to dust first and vacuum last, so you can vacuum up all the dirt you've knocked down while dusting. But there are situations where vacuuming first is the best thing to do to save time and [...]

Castle Keepers Celebrates Extraordinary Service of House Cleaners

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Castle Keepers recently celebrated some extraordinary milestones achieved by our cleaning technicians. In a ceremony at the Charleston office, President and CEO Tom Stewart presented certificates honoring half a dozen team members for their service. Latolia Simmons and Monique Williams marked one year each as house cleaning technicians. Kariva Brown reached the eleven [...]

Laundry Pod Danger to Kids, Adults with Dementia

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In 2015, the non-profit Consumer Reports announced it was removing the colorful, single-use packets of laundry detergents from its list of recommended detergents, calling them, “Too dangerous to use.” Since then, in addition to accidents involving children, incidents involving adults with dementia have also been reported. In response, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), [...]

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