Our Green Cleaning Service!

At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing environmentally responsible cleaning services that are safe and natural. From product to process, we are truly a green cleaning company serving Greenville, SC, Charleston, SC.

Far from “greenwashing,” we source the most eco-friendly, organic cleaning materials—and work hard to train our cleaning technicians in processes that effectively clean your spaces without leaving any harmful residues behind for your pets and children to find.

Each day, we work to make our clients cleaner, safer, greener. Here’s why environmentally conscious home- and apartment-dwellers around the country keep choosing Castle Keepers House Cleaning:

We leave a safer, healthier home for your family

We use green cleaning products and PerfectCLEAN microfiber towels—scientifically proven to be more effective than sponges at removing dirt and bacteria. And we wrote the book on housekeeping used to certify cleaning technicians—literally. Our method, Modern Cleaning, is the generally accepted, chemical-free cleaning process that leaves your home’s surfaces allergen- and residue-free. Our process is safer for your family and better for the environment.

Certified green cleaning company

We’re proud to have been an environmentally conscious cleaning company since before cleaning certifications existed. Then, we were the first cleaning company to earn a Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) – Green Building (GB) certification. We’re green because it’s cleaner, safer and better for the environment.

EPA-approved cleaning products

Our cleaning products of choice—the Clorox Green Works line—is not only an effective, safe cleaning option, it also is recognized by the EPA as a Safer Choice Partner. This means we can remove the allergens, bacteria and dirt from your home while using an environmentally safe product. That way, both your family and the environment are protected.

We work around your schedule—not the other way around

Hiring a cleaning company shouldn’t be difficult—and with Castle Keepers, it isn’t. Use our online portal—CastleQuick™—to access your account info, change your payment information, and cancel or make appointments with the click of a button. Our focus is on your convenience and satisfaction, and we try to make it as easy as possible to work with us.

Thank you for your wonderful cleaning services! They do a great job with chemical free cleaning as we are sensitive to chemicals and really appreciate it. Everything is sparkling clean and makes all the difference. I appreciate the way they tidy up rooms. There are sometimes three of them that come in and can get in and out of a house really fast.”

– Jaclyn Hannibal

Spend your time doing things you actually enjoy, and let us take care of your chore list. Contact us, and we’ll customize a green cleaning plan that fits your needs, schedule and budget.

Routine Clean

Living, Dining, Family & Bedrooms, Office

  • Cobweb & dust ceiling fans, light fixtures and exposed vents
  • Dust window sills, sashes, blinds/shutters
  • Dust baseboards
  • Dust door frames and doors
  • Dust light switches
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum and mop hard surface floors
  • General dusting of furniture and open shelving
  • General dusting of lampshades & artwork/mirrors/knickknack
  • Make beds
  • Clean French doors, sliding glass doors inside and out
  • Remove trash, clean and reline trash cans
  • Light straightening up

Routine Clean

Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry
All of the above, plus:

  • Clean and sanitize counter tops
  • Clean sink and faucet fixtures
  • Wipe down exteriors of small kitchen appliances
  • Clean microwave inside and out
  • Clean exteriors of refrigerator and oven
  • Clean stove top
  • Smudges and drips wiped from cabinets and drawers
  • Shower and tub scrubbed clean and glass shined
  • Bathroom fixtures cleaned and shined
  • Toilet scrubbed clean inside and out

Deep Clean

For homes that need a little more attention, this is a detailed cleaning where all high areas and woodwork are washed throughout the home.
Everything included in Routine Clean, plus:

  • Hand wash ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents*
  • Hand wash window sills, sashes, blind shutters
  • Hand wash ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents*
  • Hand wash window sills, sashes, blind shutters

Additional Services

  • Wash interior windows
  • Wash extra-high areas (ceiling fans, light fixtures, ledges)
  • Clean interior of oven/broiler
  • Clean interior of refrigerator/freezer
  • Change linens and remake beds

Rotational Deep Clean

In addition to our Routine Clean and Deep Clean services, Castle Keepers House Cleaning offers what we call our Rotational Deep Clean. We divide the rooms in your house into “wet”, “dry”, and “other”. Then each time we visit, we deep clean one room in each category, doing extra touches like hand washing the baseboards. Every room in your house gets regularly deep cleaned.

All our cleaning services are available in Greenville, SC & Charleston, SC.

* That can be reached on a two-step ladder

Let us do the cleaning.
You do the relaxing.