How Do You Clean if You Have Pet Allergies?

Like all mammals, cats and dogs constantly shed dander, which are tiny flakes of skin to which some people are allergic. If you have an allergic family member and a pet you don’t want to give up, here are some tips to reduce allergens.

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How to Control Pet Hair

Whether your dog or cat has short hair or long hair, shedding on furniture, floors, and clothing can be annoying, embarrassing, and disgusting. Fortunately, Castle Keepers House Cleaning has some suggestions that can help.


How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

There’s nothing worse than entering a beautiful home and being assailed by the strong odor of cat urine. Usually the smell is from a cat who has started peeing outside of its cat litter box. The worst part is, if the urine is not removed quickly, the cat will return to the same place to urinate again.


Dust Bunnies, Cobwebs, Pet Hair, Oh My!

Isn't it embarrassing when guests are at your house, and you notice an intricate spider web draped in the corner? (That definitely was NOT there yesterday.) Or what about the dust bunnies you see under the couch while searching for the missing remote control? (Those definitely were NOT there yesterday.) Cobwebs, dust bunnies, pet hair tumbleweeds – they seem to…