Research shows that people feel healthier, happier, and more productive when they pay for services like house cleaning rather than when they buy something for themselves. Castle Keepers House Cleaning recently surveyed our weekly clients to discover why they prefer weekly service. Here are the top 7 reasons why having a weekly house cleaning service is worth it to our clients. Some of them may surprise you!

You Can Spend More Quality Time with Your Family

No surprise here! As one of our weekly clients writes, “A clean house enhances the quality of our family life.” We all know that cleaning is an exhausting and time-consuming, but necessary activity for a good life. Finding enough time for the family sometimes worries people. By choosing Castle Keepers House Cleaning, you know you are getting your house cleaned by professionals who know how to clean and care for your possessions. In addition, you save time which you can spend with your family.

A Weekly House Cleaning Helps You Stay Organized

Another weekly client states, “If we didn’t have a weekly house cleaning by Castle Keepers the house would get very messy and disorganized. The night before our housecleaning, the whole family gets involved in tidying up and putting things away, so nothing interferes with the cleaning.”

Chores Won’t Fall to One Person

Without a weekly scheduled housecleaning, it’s highly likely that the chores can fall to one person in the household – usually Mom. A weekly housecleaning makes it easier for the family to share the responsibility for picking up after themselves because the mess isn’t overwhelming. Also, everyone’s willing to do it because they enjoy the result after Castle Keepers comes.

You Can Spend More Time on Enjoyable Household Tasks

“I hate vacuuming, mopping, and dusting, but I don’t mind folding clothes and ironing, which I get to do while watching TV,” says one of our long-term weekly clients. Paying Castle Keepers House Cleaning to do the things you enjoy the least makes the time you spend doing other things more pleasant.

You Don’t Have to Make Decisions About Cleaning Supplies

“I used to spend a lot of time in the cleaning aisle trying to decipher ingredient labels,” says another weekly client. “Now, because the dirt doesn’t build-up, I have a few basic cleaning products I use between cleanings, and I let Castle Keepers bring their eco-friendly cleaning products.” Besides, you won’t have to worry about running out of cleaning products as quickly and remembering to replace them.

The Day Castle Keepers House Cleaning Comes Feels Like a Fresh Start

Many weekly clients tell us they look forward to coming home to a sparkling house and a fresh, clean scent. “It helps you look forward to the whole week,” one commenter wrote.

You Really Appreciate What You Have

A newer weekly client stated, “We enjoy the things we have when we’re not constantly worried about cleaning them.”

Weekly house cleaning by Castle Keepers House Cleaning can keep your house together, give you more family time and help you be happier. A clean home can be the paradise you’ve always dreamed of.


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