How to Fold a Fitted Sheet the Castle Keepers Way

If you have ever tried to fold a fitted sheet, you probably ended up with a wrinkled mess that you stuffed into your linen closet. Fortunately, we have a simple, easy way to fold a fitted sheet. It takes almost no time, and the end result is a perfect square that stacks easily. When you need to make the bed, your fitted sheet will not have unsightly wrinkles.

  1. Lay your fitted sheet out lengthwise on a flat surface like your bed, top side down, with pockets facing up.
  2. Put your hand under the corner closest to you and grab the corner from the outside. Fold the now inside out corner over your hand. You should see the seam on your finger. Keep your finger pointed.
  3. Slip your hand with your finger pointed into the inside corner of the corner closest to the one with your hand in it (lengthwise).
  4. Lay that corner down and do the same thing to the opposite corners.
  5. With a finger in each corner, touch your fingertips together. Doesn’t matter which hand you use but grab all four corners with one hand and pinch them together. Now you can slip your other hand out of the sheet.
  6. Take empty corners, shake them to straighten them out and fold them over the arm that is pinching all four corners.
  7. Now you have all four corners on your pointed finger of one hand, and the rest draped over your arm.
  8. Take the elastic material that is hanging directly off your hand, pull it straight and shake it out so there are no folds and wrinkles. Lay sheet down on flat surface.
  9. Arrange sheet so what you have now looks roughly like a rectangle that is sort of symmetrical that you can now fold.
  10. Take long side closest to you and fold it inward into thirds.
  11. Take long side farthest from you and fold it inwards in thirds and flatten it out with your hands.
  12. Now you have a long strip of folded sheet. Take side with elastic and fold it inward into thirds.
  13. Repeat on opposite side.
  14. Flip sheet over – and there’s your folded fitted sheet!