Have you ever finished cleaning the bathroom only to find that the persistent hard water staining on your toilet didn’t budge? Unsightly hard water stains on the toilet bowl are a common problem that homeowners face. Many have tried different methods to get rid of them, but to no avail.

If you’d like to avoid this troublesome issue altogether or deal with it like an expert if it crops up, read on. You’ll get to know the best tried-and-tested method to remove these stains from your toilet bowl. You’ll also learn how to prevent hard water stains from building up in the toilet in the first place. 

How to remove hard water stains from the toilet?

Hard water stains are a result of mineral residue. They often appear on toilet bowls, as well as bathroom tiles, faucets, and other items that are in contact with hard water. They can be notoriously stubborn and hard to eliminate, but there is a way:

  • Flush: First, flush the toilet so there is only fresh water in the toilet bowl, then put on your gloves.
  • Lower the water in the bowl: Second, you want to lower the water in the bowl so you can work on the stain. You can do this one of two ways: 
    • Pour about a gallon of water into the bowl – this empties the toilet without refilling it. 
    • Alternatively, use your toilet brush and vigorously push the water into the drain.

Neither method will totally remove water from the bowl but will lower it to the point where the hard water stain will be exposed to the chemicals you need to use to remove the hard water stain.

  • Apply calcium, lime, and rust remover: Third, apply a commercial product such as CLR to the stains with a sponge, scrub brush, or pumice stone. This type of product is highly effective when it comes to eradicating lime and calcium deposits. Make sure you allow for adequate dwell time – typically, it’s enough to let sit for about two minutes. Then flush the toilet. Repeat if necessary. 
  • Scrub: Fourth, scrub with a product like CLR about once per month to prevent stains from building up. If you do it regularly, you’ll reduce the likelihood of the stains appearing and you’ll spend less time overall scrubbing the toilet.

How to remove hard water stains from the toilet

Which company offers reliable house cleaning services?

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