How to Clean Your TV Screen and Remote Control

How to Clean Your TV Screen and Remote Control
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How to Clean Your TV Screen and Remote Control


Old fashioned glass TV screens you could clean with ammonia and alcohol, but not anymore. Modern TV screens often have anti-glare coatings on them which are damaged by window cleaners, so new ways are needed to clean them. Here are ways to keep your flat screen TV picture bright:

  • Turn off your TV – This is not only safer for you, but it makes it easier to see fingerprints, dust, and dog nose prints on the dark screen.
  • Use a Silky Microfiber Cloth – Avoid paper towels, facial tissues, and scratchy fabrics which can damage a flat screen. Use the type of silky microfiber used to clean glasses and camera lenses.
  • Avoid Ammonia and Alcohol – As mentioned before, these can damage the anti-glare coatings on flat-screen TVs. Most screens can be cleaned by gently wiping with distilled water and microfiber. More stubborn smudges can be removed by diluting mild dish soap and wiping the screen. Never spray anything directly onto the screen as the liquid can wick its way into the set around the edges and cause damage.
  • The Germy Remote Control – Don’t forget the remote control when cleaning the TV set. Remove the batteries, turn it upside down, and tap it against the palm of your hand to dislodge any small crumbs and dirt that may have become stuck between the buttons and the casing. Spray a cleaning chemical lightly into your microfiber cloth and clean the buttons and case. Clean around the buttons with a slightly damp cotton swab, old toothbrush or toothpick, if necessary.

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