How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

Cat owners love their fur babies but they also encounter their fair share of problems because of these lovable creatures. Pets are prone to accidents and these typically leave behind a strong odor, which is notoriously difficult to remove. 

There’s nothing worse than entering a beautiful home and being assailed by the strong odor of cat urine. Usually, the smell is from a cat who has started peeing outside of its cat litter box. The worst part is, if the urine is not removed quickly, the cat will return to the same place to urinate again. Read on to learn how to efficiently eradicate these pungent smells.

Will cat urine smell ever go away?

Cat pee is especially offensive for several reasons. When the bacteria in the urine starts to decompose, it gives off an ammonia-like odor. Then mercaptans form, which are the same compounds that skunks spray to ward off threats. In addition, the older the cat, the worse the odor. Unneutered male cats’ urine often contains strong smelling hormones which add to the stinky mix.

Urine odor gets worse over time because it becomes concentrated as it sits. Luckily, there are common household items like vinegar and baking soda that can counteract the urine stench.

How do you get rid of cat urine smell?

If you’re looking for a cat urine odor removal home remedy, vinegar is a natural choice. Since it is an acid, it neutralizes the alkaline salts in the cat’s urine that causes the ammonia-like odor. 

If you’re wondering how to clean cat pee from the floor, it’s advisable to mix one part vinegar to one part water to clean both floors and walls. The vinegar smell should go away after a few days along with the urine smell. 

Adding a combination of one cup baking soda and a quarter cup of vinegar into a washing machine with detergent should remove cat odor from items you can wash, like bed linens and clothing. If the first wash doesn’t completely remove the bad smell, then repeat. 

A big favorite is enzyme-based cleaners you can get from pet stores. These enzymatic cleaners break down the acid in the cat urine, which removes the stench. These products are useful on items it is difficult to wash, like carpets and upholstered furniture.

You could also try using rubbing alcohol or even vodka to neutralize the smell.

How do you get rid of cat urine smell

What not to do?

Whatever you do, DO NOT try to clean the stain with ammonia or products that contain ammonia, since it won’t get rid of the cat urine stink. Since ammonia is a component of cat urine, it will attract the cat back to that spot to pee again. 

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