Does a Maid Service Bring Its Own Supplies and Equipment?

Does a Maid Service Bring Its Own Supplies and Equipment?

Many people ask, “Does a maid service bring Its own supplies and equipment?” Most house cleaning or maid services provide the cleaning chemicals and equipment. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations state that employers are required to make sure that equipment is safe to use for employees and that employees are trained on how to use equipment and chemicals safely. The best way to do both of these things is for the maid service to provide the chemicals and equipment. This way the cleaning service can make sure that electrical cords on vacuums are not frayed, and that the vacuums are in working condition daily. This also allows them to train employees on where it is safe and not safe to use the cleaning chemicals. This protects surfaces from being damaged and ensures that dangerous chemicals are not mixed.

Using Company Equipment

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the equipment brought into your home, ask the company how they clean, maintain, and prepare the equipment for use in your home and see if the answer satisfies you. Here at Castle Keepers House Cleaning each team has two sets of equipment and cleaning towels. This allows one set to be cleaned, inspected, and laundered while the other set is out being used.

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Using Company Cleaning Products (Chemicals)

If your main concern is the cleaning chemicals used by the cleaning company, ask about the products they use and why they chose those particular chemicals. Castle Keepers House Cleaning uses green chemicals recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safe Choice program, which is certified to be safe for our clients, the environment, and our cleaning technicians.

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Will My Maid Service Use My Equipment or Supplies?

If you have a particular product or piece of equipment that you want your cleaning company to use, they may agree to use it. They may also ask you to sign a liability release form. With equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, you have to be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the vacuum and providing filter bags. If they notice a safety hazard, such as a frayed electrical cord, the team has a right to refuse to use. If there is a particular chemical that you would like them to use, the company will need to train their team on how to use the product. They will need a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the product, which some retail companies are not required to provide.

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Your Family’s Health Matters to Us

At Castle Keepers House Cleaning, the #1 way we prevent the spread of infection in your home is by using PerfectCLEAN® microfiber cloths. These cloths remove 99% of organic matter from surfaces. They also contain anti-microbial threads, which kill any germs caught in the fibers. 

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As an extra precaution, we color code our cloths to prevent cross-contamination between rooms. 

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