How to Clean Your Cleaning Tools

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When it comes to cleaning, the right tools can make a real difference. No place is this more evident than in your dusting tools. Everything from feather dusters to microfiber cloths to lambswool can be used. But how do you clean the tools you use to clean? Castle Keepers is here to help!

Cleaning Lambswool Dusters

Thanks to the natural lanolin in lambswool fleece, it makes an excellent duster. Instead of just moving dust around and releasing it back into the air, the lanolin picks up dust and the dust clings to the lanolin like a magnet. Lambswool is not electrostatic and is therefore safe for dusting computers and electronics.

While dusting, get rid of any loose dust in the duster by tapping it against your foot as your clean. This drops dust to the floor, where it can be vacuumed up. After each use, vigorously shake the duster outside to rid of excess dust. You can also use an attachment to gently vacuum your lambswool duster. To wash, hand wash in mild, soapy water and rinse in clean water. Lambswool must airdry. When dry, spin the duster’s handle between your palms to restore the lambswool to its original fullness.  After several washes, you may wish to add a few drops of glycerin to the rinse water to restore the oil on the wool fibers.

Cleaning Ostrich Feather Dusters

Thousands of soft, tiny filaments on each feather attract and trap dust via static electricity. Because they are very light and remove dust while making minimal contact, ostrich feather dusters are ideal for dusting fragile or expensive objects.

While dusting and immediately after dusting, the cleaning procedure is the same as above – tap the dust to the floor to vacuum and shake the sister outside to rid of any leftover dust. To wash, fill a sink with warm water and a tiny amount of mild dishwashing liquid. Place the duster in the solution and gently swirl back and forth until all the feathers are separated. Rinse the feather duster in clean water and gently squeeze out excess water by hand. Then wrap the feathers in clean, dry towels until barely damp. Hang the duster upside down outside to fully dry.

Cleaning Microfiber Dusters

Microfiber Dusters are fantastic multipurpose tools and are great for dusting and polishing while either dry or damp. Don’t get your microfiber duster too wet, though. It’s best to use it while only slightly damp with water or your favorite cleaning solution.

Be sure to wash your microfiber duster after each use. They should be washed separately as they easily pick up lint from other materials.  Microfiber can go straight into the washing machine with warm or hot water, which opens up the fibers to release dirt, and a mild detergent. Please note that bleach should not be used, as it will damage the microfiber. Tumble the microfiber cloths dry on a low dryer setting or allow to air dry. High heat will melt the fibers. Do NOT use fabric softeners with microfiber cloths. This eliminates their electric charge that makes microfiber so effective.