Cleaning Small Appliances

Cleaning Small Appliances
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Cleaning Small Appliances

Advice from Tom McNulty in Clean Like a Man: Housekeeping for Men and the Women Who Love Them.


  • Wipe down the interior with a damp sponge or cotton cloth as soon as you see something has spilled, splattered or bubbled over.
  • Make the microwave work for you when dealing with dried on foods – boil a small bowl of water in the microwave, wait a few minutes while the steam softens the hardened food, then wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or pads on microwave surfaces.


  • The easiest way to clean a blender container is to run it through the dishwasher. Wipe down the base with a soft cloth or sponge and degreaser.
  • If you need it cleaned right away, fill blender halfway with warm water, put in a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap and run on high for ten seconds. Rinse.

Coffee Grinder:

  • Because coffee beans contain oils that can become rancid and cause coffee to taste bitter, it’s important to keep your coffee grinder clean. Wipe out the grinder with a damp paper towel or sponge after each use.
  • Clean lid with water and dishwashing liquid, rinse and dry.


  • Clean all washable parts by running them through the dishwasher, or hand wash with liquid detergent and warm water to remove coffee residue.
  • Run white vinegar through the system monthly to keep the coffeemaker free of mineral deposits. Fill the carafe with about three-quarters full of white vinegar and pour into the reservoir and start the unit. Then pour a full carafe of fresh water through the coffeemaker to flush out the vinegar residue.

Toaster Oven:

  • As with most things, the easiest way to clean the toaster oven is when the splatters and boil-overs are fresh – before they become baked on and difficult to remove.
  • Make it a habit to wash the rack, crumb tray, broiler pan and even the glass door (if possible) in the dishwasher as often as possible.
  • Otherwise, clean the rack, oven tray, and inside the glass door with a lite scrub pad and soapy water, then rinse with clear water.
  • Wipe exterior with a damp cloth or sponge.


  • Empty the crumb tray after each use over the sink or in the wastebasket.
  • Sponge off plastic toaster with soapy water and spray a little window cleaner on a cloth and wipe chrome toasters clean.

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