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Many homeowners think cleaning with bleach will ensure a spotless, disinfected surface. But when it comes to using bleach as a household cleaner, there are more cons than pros.

There are many surfaces bleach should never touch because it is corrosive. Never use bleach to clean copper, stainless steel, and most metals. This is especially important in the kitchen, where it is most likely to be used.

Bleach is also not recommended for porous surfaces like wood, many types of stone (granite, quartz, marble, etc.), rubber, and latex. Full strength sodium hypochlorite bleach can damage even surfaces and items on which it is generally safe to use. It is important to note that bleach should always be diluted.

While bleach is best known as a laundry stain remover and disinfectant, if your water contains iron, sodium hypochlorite may cause rust stains to appear on fabrics, so it could turn those dingey whites into spotty, streaky messes.

The funny thing about sodium hypochlorite bleach is that it isn’t what those in the cleaning industry call a cleaner. It is a disinfectant that should be used after cleaning. However, since it removes colors and odors, it gets lumped in with the “cleaners.”

Important Notes on Bleach Cleaning

• Users should wear gloves – full strength sodium hypochlorite can irritate the skin.
• Fumes of full-strength bleach can damage lungs – use in a well-ventilated area.
• Bleach naturally breaks down over time – a bottle of bleach only lasts 6-9 months and diluted bleach breaks down in 24 hours and becomes ineffective, so you must make a new batch.
• DO NOT MIX WITH ANY OTHER CLEANING PRODUCT (especially glass cleaner with ammonia and/or vinegar). This will form dangerous and possibly deadly fumes that will damage the lungs and cause other dangerous reactions.
• It is worth saying again that bleach should always be diluted with water when being used for cleaning.

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