Cleaning Products Can Cause Harm to Your Health: What You Can Do

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One problem with cleaning chemicals you may not know about is that they have been linked to reproductive problems such as infertility, menstrual changes, reproductive organ cancers, miscarriages, premature births, and changes in onset of puberty.

Almost Genius: Strap-On Urinals For Peeing In Public (Legally)

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"Once you get past the ick factor... it’s actually pretty smart." The Roskilde festival in Denmark, a sort of Coachella of the North Sea, installed 50 neon orange P-Trees this year. The festival’s “problem with public peeing was significantly reduced,” designers Rogier Martens and Sam van Veluw say.

11 Hidden Household Dangers

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The good news about potential health hazards around the house is that they are easy to uncover, and relatively inexpensive to correct.You may have detected subtle hints that something might by awry: A persistent cough that seems related to the musty smell in your basement, the dastardly scent lingering on your hands after [...]

Antimicrobial Wipes and Soap May Be Making Society Sick

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The influence of these wipes and salves does not end with our hands, but instead spreads from them down our drains and out into society.A few weeks ago as I was walking out of a Harris Teeter grocery store in Raleigh, North Carolina, I saw a man face a moment of crisis. You [...]

Dust bunnies, cobwebs, pet hair, oh my!

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Isn’t it embarrassing when guests are at your house and you notice an intricate spider web draped in the corner? (That definitely was NOT there yesterday.) Or what about the dust bunnies you see under the couch while searching for the missing remote control? (Those definitely were NOT there yesterday.) Cobwebs, dust bunnies, pet [...]