Which reputable home cleaning companies in Lawrenceville should I turn toAlthough we do housework day after day, there are always some spots that we miss. If they get neglected, keeping them dust-free will turn into an impossible mission. Devising a monthly plan and identifying the weak spots will get your house in immaculate condition.

If, however, perpetual scrubbing and mopping cause you great inconvenience, you can always count on reputable home cleaning companies in Lawrenceville to straighten up your home. 

Keep on reading to find out which parts of your home need extra attention and what approach you should take.

Which weak spots should be checked?

According to a national survey, Americans spend almost two hours per day on household activities, which makes a monthly total of sixty hours. The best way to distribute these sixty hours is to draw up a daily, weekly, and monthly upkeep schedule. You can divide the monthly chores evenly and incorporate them into the weekly schedule. Here is a list of weak spots in the house and an interesting method of coping with them.

1. Kitchen

While you may clean the countertop and mop the floor every day, there are a couple of weak spots in the kitchen that usually go unnoticed like the fridge, oven, and cupboards.

  • Fridge

Fridges and ovens tend to become greasy and they can easily make the packaging and the dishes sticky. If you want to be spared from extra scrubbing, you should find the time to clean them. Make sure to take all the safety measures and pull out the plug before you start cleaning. You can use a microfiber cloth and a mild detergent to wipe the shelves and compartments of the fridge. 

  • Oven

When it comes to tackling the oven, apply a degreaser first, let it kick in for half an hour before scrubbing, and open the window to let the fumes go out. Finally, wipe the oven thoroughly with a wet cloth to remove all the chemicals. If you don’t wipe the oven properly the chemicals will emanate an unpleasant odor when they’re heated. 

  • Cupboard 

The inside of the cupboard is covered with dust, which is hard to notice because of the dishes. Take out all the dishes from the cupboard once a month and wipe it with a wet cloth. Let it dry for 20 minutes and put the dishes back. 

2. Bathroom

Ideally, people clean the bathroom once a week. However, regular maintenance doesn’t prevent limescale from fouling your bathroom. A homemade remedy for the removal of limescale is a solution of water and vinegar. Immerse all the surfaces covered with limescale in this solution or some other descaling agent, leave it for a couple of hours and remove the limescale deposits with a sponge.

Which weak spots should be checked3. Bedroom

The weak spots in the bedroom are closets, windows, and curtains. The interior of a closet gets easily covered with a thin layer of dust. Take out all the clothes, wipe the interior with a microfiber cloth, leave everything open for half an hour to dry, and put the clothes back. If you clean your windows regularly, some water and a detergent should do the trick. Finally, wash the curtains and replace them with the clean ones. 

4. Chores Lottery 

A fun way of organizing your cleaning routine is playing the chores lottery. Write down all the chores that need to be done on Post-it notes or cards, put them in a bag and pick them randomly. You can split the chores with your partner this way.  

Which reputable home cleaning companies in Lawrenceville should I turn to?

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