People have been doing housework since the dawn of time and their cleaning methods have evolved since the invention of the first cleaning products and various cleaning tools. Oddly enough, few people know about the long and fascinating history of cleaning, they simply enjoy the modern commodities.

That’s why a lot of them turn to cleaning companies in Downtown Atlanta, GA, for assistance. This article lays out the long and interesting history of cleaning. Let’s reminisce about it!

What is the history of cleaning?

Naturally, cleaning started with the invention of cleansers and has changed significantly when cleaning tools were made.

The first cleaning agent

Soap was invented in Ancient Babylon around 2800 B.C. It was made from animal fat mixed with wood ash and stored in clay containers. However, it got its name years later from an ancient Roman legend about Mount Sapo where animal sacrifices were performed. 

People believed that rain washed down the mountain, mixing with animal fat and volcano ash, which resulted in creating a clay mixture that made cleaning easier. A fun and surprising fact about cleaning is that the first liquid soap was made from the mixture of palm and olive oils, and was thus named Palmolive.


First brooms were made of twigs and discarded straws tied with a twine. Later on they evolved into crude broomsticks when people started tying them to the end of a stick. The broom as we know it today was made by a farmer, Levi Dickenson, who tied sorghum straws to create an improved version of a broom for his wife. Although nowadays people use a vacuum to clean the bedroom quickly, this was a major breakthrough at the time.

The Squeegee

Squeegee was first used on boats in the 19th century. The early model was cumbersome and usually had two rubber blades screwed into a long wooden or metal frame. The lightweight version was developed by Ettore Steccone in 1936 and it was made of brass and a single, flexible and sharp rubber blade. Today squeegees are made with foam padding on one side of the blade which enables simultaneous lathering and wiping.

The Sponge

The industrial sponge was invented in the 1940s. Before this invention, divers would catch sea sponges and sell them as cleaning supplies. Since sponges are very fruitful ground for bacteria development because they are moist, you should sanitize them regularly with hot soapy water or sterilize them in a microwave as this will kill 99% of bacteria. Also make sure to change them regularly and don’t use the same sponge for multiple surfaces.

Green cleaning

Using eco-friendly products dates back to the 1960s. Biologist Rachel Carson published a book called Silent Spring which focused on the influence of pesticides on human health. The first phosphate-free laundry detergent was developed in the 1970s. As the awareness of climate change grew in the 1990s, new lines of green cleaning products emerged.

Nowadays, green cleansers are more accessible and highly recommendable. If you want to clean your kid’s room like a pro and protect it from harmful residue you should definitely consider going green.

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