Most people in Downtown Atlanta, GA, are unaware of some key truths about cleaning and cleaning services that would change their view of maintenance and their perception of the right cleaning methods. 

That’s why you should learn some interesting and surprising facts about cleaning. In the following article, we have prepared 5 interestings and unexpected bits of information about housekeeping and housekeepers. Read on to find out what they are!

Did you know these facts about cleaning?

If you want to improve your cleaning methods, you should consider the facts we outlined below and reevaluate your technique accordingly.

Cleaning is not the same as disinfection

You may think that a surface is clean if you disinfect it. However, disinfectants are not effective if you apply them on a dirty surface. That’s why you should clean first and then spray the disinfectant, let it sit for 30 to 60 seconds to kill the bacteria and then wipe it.

The long and interesting history of cleaning teaches us that lemon is one of the best natural disinfectants. Rub one half of the lemon on the area that you want to disinfect and wipe it with a damp kitchen roll after 30 seconds. That way you’ll get rid of the bacteria and the stickiness.

Germs are omnipresent

Did you know that one germ can multiply itself into over eight million germs in one hour? As disturbing as this may sound, you’ll probably find the discovery that the kitchen sink is covered with more bacteria than the toilet even more surprising. That’s why you should wipe the countertops and the sink regularly and change the sponge every few weeks. 

As for the toilet, make sure to close the lid before flushing to minimize the spread of germs in the air and don’t forget to wash your hands as this is the most cost-effective way to stay healthy. Since 10% of pillow weight consists of dust mites, you should change the pillows once a year. If you want to clean the bedroom efficiently, change the sheets at least once a week.

A blender can clean itself

This may sound like science fiction but it’s actually true. Get rid of the protein shake and fruit smoothie leftovers, pour some hot water with a bit of liquid soap or detergent and turn the blender on.

Nothing is permanent

Have you kids written or drawn something on the wall with a permanent marker? If so, there’s no need to despair. All you need is some toothpaste as its abrasives can remove almost all stains. If you want to tidy up your kid’s bedroom like a pro, toothpaste will save the day. 

The crisis of feminism

Although women have made great progress in the field of human rights, some stereotypes haven’t changed. While the average woman spends 12,896 hours on cleaning during lifetime, men spend half as much or 6,448 hours in total. When it comes to cleaning services, most housekeepers and maids are female but male cleaners earn more. 

Half of cohabiting couples argue about cleaning. So ladies, there seem to be two ways to solve this. Either explain to your partner that if you share a house you also share the chores, or better yet hire a professional and split the bill.

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