Most people struggle to find the time to do chores and believe that the way in which they maintain their house isn’t crucial as long as they provide the upkeep. However, there are some basic home maintenance rules that you should follow.    

Since housework is time-consuming and exhausting, a lot of people rely on one of Mauldin, SC’s reputable maid services for aid. This article will provide you with key do’s and don’ts of tidying up.

What are the do’s and don’ts of cleaning?

There are both good practices of housekeeping and some actions you should avoid doing. Here are the essential do’s and don’ts: 

Do: Clean from top to bottom 

When you vacuum, dust stirs up and then falls down. If you start with the ceiling fan or high shelving, dust will fall to the surface you haven’t cleaned yet, so your effort to free your home from dust won’t be futile.

Don’t: Use a duster

Dusters collect the particles only partially and a lot of them get scattered around in the air and may fall on clean surfaces. You should use a damp microfiber cloth instead. A strange fact about tidying up is that 70% of dust molecules are dead skin flakes.

Do: Clean before you disinfect

This is very important especially when you want to clean and sanitize your garage or bathroom. If you don’t remove the dirt and grime from the surface the disinfectant won’t be as effective as it normally would.

Don’t: Wipe the disinfectants right away

Disinfectants need some time to kick in. Spray the disinfectant and let it sit for as long as the manufacturer’s instructions indicate. It’s advisable to use disinfectants listed and approved by EPA. You can also use a homemade remedy in some cases.    

Do: Remove grease from your kitchen regularly

Grease buildup doesn’t just look awful, but it’s also a fire hazard. That’s why you should wipe the kitchen tiles and clean the oven regularly. When you let grime pile up in the oven it creates nasty odors when you use the oven and you need strong products that leave harmful residue.

Don’t: Overclean your carpets

Vacuuming your carpets and rugs regularly is important for removing mites and alleviating the symptoms of asthma and allergies. However, if you wash them too often the harsh cleaner that is used for that purpose can damage the fibers. Residue can also give your carpet an unwashed look after a clean-up.  

Do: Take on one chore at a time

While there are cases in which you can multitask, if you have enough time at your disposal it’s more effective to finish one chore before you start another. Since most people are very limited with free time and housework takes a lot of energy, you shouldn’t overburden yourself and risk not completing the chore. If you want to stay entertained while tackling your chores you can turn on the radio.

Don’t: Wear shoes in the house

Wearing your shoes indoors introduces more dirt and grime into your home, you should take your shoes off before you enter the house. You can designate an area in the hall where you can leave your shoes as well as jackets, mail and the like.

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