Tidying up a garage can turn into a huge project, especially if you’ve put been putting it off for a bit too long. Luckily, there’s no need to procrastinate and worry when there’s a straightforward method for tackling the mess in your garage.  

Regardless of this, a lot of people prefer to turn to one of the reputable house cleaning companies in Spartanburg, SC for help. Whether you decide on getting some help from the pros or want to do this yourself, it’s smart to get informed on the relevant tips and tricks. If you want to learn how to tidy up your garage in 5 easy steps, keep reading.

What is the fastest way to clean a messy garage?

If you want to tidy up your garage like an expert, you need to follow these 5 simple steps:What is the fastest way to clean a messy garage

1. Assess your resources and gather your supplies

First, you should think of the resources that you need for accomplishing the task. If you’re considering donating some items you should research charitable organizations that can pick up your belongings. Another option is giving your items to a consignment store to sell them. Don’t forget to equip yourself with supplies, including cardboard boxes and large trash bags. You can obtain boxes at large grocery stores and pharmacies or at a home improvement store. 

2. Declutter

Similarly to tackling a dirty attic, you need to get rid of the clutter first. The best way to keep everything organized is to create as much empty space as possible in the middle of the garage floor. Move the car and other bulky items like the lawn mower and bicycles. Next, divide the items from the garage into six categories: donate, sell, keep, toss, return to someone else and undecided. Mark six different sections and place the items accordingly.  

3. Work on one category at a time

One of the ways to get your significant other to help you clean is to establish the most important areas, or in this case items that you should focus on. Let your partner deal with sports equipment, beach chairs, camping gear, and old bikes while you sort out holiday decor, suitcases, shopping bags and gardening supplies. Whichever category you choose, take every item that falls into it and place it in the appropriate section. 

4. Dust and scrub

Garage floors are prone to stubborn stains from oil and grease that may leak from cars and lawn mowers. If you notice oil or grease, sprinkle some sawdust on the spill to absorb the liquid, let it sit for a day and sweep it up. Next, pour dry dish soap or laundry detergent onto the stain, leave it for 45 minutes, pour water on the area and scrub with a bristle brush. 

Don’t use bleach as it’s one of the products that you should avoid. Although bleach is a good disinfectant, it can cause numerous health problems. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove the heavy dust.   

5. Use storage space wisely 

You can start by grouping items by category so that you always know where to find what you need. Shelving units are perfect for keeping frequently used items within reach. Store items that you use less frequently in cabinets and closets. Pegboards are great for organizing hand tools, whereas wall hooks can hold larger tools like rakes and shovels. Store your gardening tools in a wheelbarrow.   Which house cleaning companies in Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding area are reliable

Which house cleaning companies in Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding area are reliable?

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