Disagreement over the distribution of housework and chores is common among partners who live together. However, there’s no need to argue with your partner and cause unnecessary stress when there are easy ways to get your significant other to help you clean.

Some homeowners in Spartanburg, SC avoid this issue by leaving the work to professional house cleaning companies. Whether you decide to get some expert help or simply want to communicate about the housework with your partner more effectively, you can benefit from tips on how to motivate your partner to lend a hand. 

How do I get my partner to help with cleaning?

Achieving balance when it comes to chores may seem hard, but it’s quite attainable if you do the following:How do I get my partner to help with cleaning

1. Communicate your needs 

Have an honest conversation about chores and communicate your needs with your partner. Use this opportunity to explain to your partner how fair household labor division can help avoid conflicts and how demanding chores can be for the person who does more of them. This should help your partner appreciate your efforts, and help you understand how they feel about doing chores. 

2. Establish your MIAs

One of the fastest ways to clean a messy garage is to determine your Most Important Areas or MIAs. This principle should be applied to the whole house. Discuss with your partner which areas are the most important to both of you and start from them. If the bathroom is crucial for you, you can focus on that chore and let your partner clear up another room that’s important to them.

3. Don’t micromanage

When your partner starts to contribute, let them do things their own way. Instead of trying to control everything and bossing your partner around, show them that you appreciate the effort and compliment them. 

Take a collaborative approach, model the activity to help your partner and give suggestions instead of orders. For example, you can advise your partner on what cleaning products to avoid.   

4. Develop a new routine

Rather than imposing your way of doing things, you should agree on a routine that works for both you and your partner. Discuss with your partner how they think you should tackle chores and try to meet them halfway. 

Don’t expect your partner to be up to par with you from the beginning. Be patient, take baby steps and improve your routine gradually. For instance, if you want to clean a dirty attic, start with asking your partner to help you sort out the items. Let them dust and vacuum the next time and leave the details for when they’re more comfortable with the task.   

5. Reward yourselves 

You should reward yourself and your partner for a job well done. You can treat yourselves with a dinner, a movie, a short trip or any activity that you both enjoy doing. Sometimes the best reward is to hire a professional to do the housework while you focus on each other.Where in Spartanburg, SC can I find trustworthy house cleaning companies

Where in Spartanburg, SC can I find trustworthy house cleaning companies?

Instead of arguing with your partner about housework, treat yourselves with high-quality professional assistance. You can always count on Castle Keepers to help you in this department. We provide comprehensive services that will meet all your requirements. 

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