Today’s world is not only extremely busy, but also highly demanding of our time and attention. This makes it easy to neglect crucial chores such as housekeeping, and let dust and clutter build up to the point where finding the motivation to clean becomes a challenge in its own right.

While hiring a house cleaning service in Greenville, NC, is a simple and effective way to solve this problem and keep your home spotless with a minimal time investment, knowing how to clean even when you’re strapped for time is still a great skill to have.

We’ve previously advised you on how to motivate yourself to do housekeeping and provided some tips on how to get your loved ones to assist you with cleaning. Now we’ll help you take your cleaning to the next level by sharing 4 time-tested speed-cleaning hacks. Read on.

What is the fastest way to clean a house?

As a general rule, you should always clean the messiest rooms first. This not only ensures that you’re 100% fresh when you tackle the biggest challenges, it also means the cleaning will get easier the longer you do it. This will help you stay energized and keep you from getting demoralized halfway through the cleaning.

Here are our top 4 time-saving hacks to use in your housekeeping routine:

1. Collect your supplies before you begin

Where can I schedule a quality house cleaning service in Greenville, NCYou want to make sure the cleaning tools and products you’ll use during your cleaning are within easy reach when you need them. The best way to do this is to gather them beforehand and put them in an easy-to-carry basket or bag. This will prevent repeat trips to the laundry room and make the entire process that much more convenient.

2. Use the top-to-bottom cleaning approach

When dusting a room, always begin with the highest surfaces and work your way down from there. This will cause all of the excess dust and dirt to go up into the air and drift down to the floor. This enables you to easily mop and vacuum all that stuff up once all the surfaces have been wiped clean.

3. Quickly remove pet hairs with a lint roller

Lint rollers are cheap, easy to use, and extremely effective when it comes to removing hair and other debris from furniture. Furthermore, enzyme stain removers are specialized cleaning products that break down proteins from food, grass, blood, and other organic matter. This makes them the ideal option when it comes to dealing with pet accidents, especially if you have a puppy or kitten that hasn’t been fully potty trained yet.

4. Get your family involved

Cleaning goes a lot faster when your spouse or roommates are helping you. If you have teenagers or young adults in your home, they should at the very least be tasked with cleaning their rooms. Even small kids can help out by collecting their toys and storing them in designated spots.

Where can I schedule a quality house cleaning service in Greenville, NC?

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