Chores can be tough, especially if you’re the only one doing it. But what solution is there besides hiring an expert cleaning service in Greenville? It’s getting your family to apply some elbow grease with you. This can sometimes be easier said than done, though, so it’s important to learn how to motivate your family and get them to clean up alongside you.

How to get your family to help around the house?

Getting your family to help around the house will not only make cleaning easier and faster, but it will also serve as a family bonding experience. What’s more, everybody will start appreciating the value of cleaning a lot more. But how do you get them to pitch in?

  • Talk & negotiate: First things first – clearly communicate to your family that you would like them to help out. However, also be ready to do some tough negotiations, and be willing to bribe them with a couple of goodies.
  • Assign weekly tasks: One of the best ways to get your family to help out with the clean up is to assign weekly chores to all family members. Be gentle in the beginning, upping the ante as the weeks pass.
  • Make it fun: Play some music and get in the groove, or create a family competition during the cleaning. This way, your kids are certainly going to be more interested in helping you out.
  • Reward your kids: Speaking of fun, there’s nothing quite better than receiving a reward after your hard work. Rewarding your entire family after a successful cleaning will certainly get them excited for the next time.
  • Say that you appreciate the help: Finally, when all is done, make sure to tell your family how much you appreciate their help and how much it means to you. Gratitude goes a long way toward repeat successes.

What do children learn from cleaning up?

Kids are like sponges, and they learn a lot from every single activity we do with them. Cleaning your home is no exception. It’s not just a chore – it’s a mechanism for building positive character traits. Here are the biggest benefits of getting your kids to help with the clean up:

  • Contribution: First of all, explain to your kids that cleaning alongside you allows them to contribute to your home and to your lives.
  • Skills: Cleaning with your kids will teach them invaluable life skills that will come more than helpful once they start living on their own.
  • Responsibility: Cleaning is also a strong reminder of the many responsibilities we have in our lives, and it’s never too early for your kids to learn that.
  • Value: As they begin helping out, your children will begin to appreciate the continual efforts you’ve been making, as well as the value of hard work.
  • Order: Finally, once the cleaning is done, your kids will take a step back, assess your home, and begin to admire the newfound order and cleanliness of your home.

How do you teach cleaning skills?

Getting your kids to help out around the house is only the initial step – teaching them how to properly clean and tidy around your home is equally important. Here are some of the techniques you can use to teach cleaning skills to your children:

  • Lead by example: First and foremost, you have to show your kids how to clean. “Follow me” is always better than “do as I say”.
  • Explain: However, don’t just show – explain. Teach your children the proper way of cleaning, as it will come in handy the next time you do it together.
  • Select: Finally, be careful to select the most essential tasks to teach your children in the beginning. This way, you won’t overwhelm them. The basic tasks include:
    • Doing the laundry
    • Washing the dishes
    • Making the bed
    • Sweeping and mopping the floor
    • Removing the clutter

Which company offers a detailed cleaning service in Greenville?

cleaning service in GreenvilleBefore you actually get your family to help with the cleaning, you should also find ways to motivate yourself to start your cleanup. However, that’s just a part of it – you also need to find the time to clean with your busy schedule, and pick up some tips and tricks on fast cleaning. Or you can just forget about all this and hire professionals to assist you.

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