When you go to a supermarket and get to the detergent aisle you probably find it hard to wrap your mind around the numerous options. You’re likely to be quite confused and lost between labels and price tags. Which product should you choose and why? Is one manufacturer better than all the others? What if you make a wrong choice? 

The main reason why people spend so much money on supplies is that they want their houses to sparkle. However, no matter how hard you try to find the perfect cleaning product, sometimes you can’t find a perfect match. That’s why a lot of people leave making this choice to a trustworthy cleaning service in Mount Pleasant. To learn more about their top picks, read on!

What cleaning products are the most effective? 

Most products are multi-practical and you can do wonders around the house if you think outside the box. Here is the list of supplies that every household should have.

  1. Dishwashing liquid

There is so much more to dishwashing liquid than meets the eye. This commodity is ideal for washing outdoor furniture, countertops, and plastic and glass surfaces in general. It can be used as a degreaser and applied to kitchen appliances to remove the greasy stains from cooking. Since it’s gentle enough for delicate fabrics, you can also use it to remove oil-based stains from tablecloths or upholstery. What’s more, it’s perfect for removing pet stains from carpets.

On top of this, dishwashing liquid has some other unconventional uses. For example, you can polish jewelry or remove hair wax and mousse from hair brushes and combs with it. In both cases, you need to mix a little bit of liquid with water. Soak the jewelry into the mixture, leave it for 20 minutes and it will recover its original glow. The concoction should be used as a shampoo when washing the brushes and combs.  

2. Washing powder

Washing detergent is beneficial for so many reasons. You can unclog your drains with ¼ cup of liquid laundry detergent. Pour the detergent down the drain and slowly add a gallon of hot water. If you want to remove stains from upholstery or carpets you simply need to rub some detergent with a wet cloth, let it kick in for 5 minutes and brush away the residue. 

This product is a great floor cleaner. Add a teaspoon of laundry detergent to a bucket of hot water and you’ll be ready for comprehensive home clean-up, as this mixture will remove all the dirt from your floors.    

3. Microfiber cloth

This universal product can be used for everything from dusting and scrubbing bathrooms to wiping kitchen counters and furniture and removing streaks on glass surfaces. It requires very low maintenance. All you need to do is shake it to displace the dust and rinse it. You should avoid using chemicals since microfiber cloth works better with just water.  

Is vinegar good for cleaning? 

Vinegar is a great natural remedy for the removal of pet stains, limescale, mold, grease, grime, and dirt. You can use it to unclog the drain, eliminate odors in your appliances and clean them. One of the mistakes when using vinegar for cleaning is applying it to hardwood floors and furniture, marble countertops, and some other materials which can be damaged because of vinegar’s acidity.    

Where can I find a reliable cleaning service in Mount Pleasant?

Is vinegar good for cleaning

If you think that choosing the right supplies is too mind-boggling and you want your house to be spick-and-span you can always opt for Castle Keepers Charleston for assistance. Our seasoned experts use solely eco-friendly maintenance products and you won’t have to worry about residue.  

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