Top Tips for Cleaning a Home With Pets

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No one is as good at giving unconditional love as pets. However, the upkeep of a house can be very demanding when you have furry friends. Even if you have a bird or a reptile as a pet they still require high maintenance. 

If you want to keep your house as neat as a button, you’ll need to put in some extra effort. It doesn’t come as a surprise that so many pet owners use the comprehensive services of house cleaning in Mount Pleasant. This article outlines an efficient strategy for keeping a house orderly with pets. Read on to learn more!   

How do you keep your house clean with pets? 

Since pets are usually very playful and active they tend to make a lot of mess. That’s why their owners need to prepare themselves for a large-scale clean-up. Here are some useful tips for this formidable task:

1. Obtain a quality vacuum cleaner

Cats, dogs, and rabbits are prone to shedding and they scatter their hair all over the place. If you want to remove it completely, you should get a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction. Make sure you clean the filter regularly to maintain the suction level. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is always a good choice as it removes dust, pollen, and bacteria from your pet’s saliva that may linger on your furniture.

One of the elementary mistakes of domestic upkeep that pet owners make is not vacuuming regularly. You should vacuum at least two to three times a week to keep your house orderly and sanitary.  

2. Pet-proof your home

If you want to spare yourself from endless scrubbing and vacuuming you should make a few adjustments in your home, starting with upgrading your sofa. You should acquire a leather sofa or one that has tightly-woven upholstery so that the hair doesn’t stick to them. Another option is to cover your couch with a blanket or some cloth to keep the hair off and protect it from stains. Washing a blanket is definitely easier and takes less time than vacuuming. 

You should also obtain bedding for your pet that is practical and comfortable at the same time. Instead of choosing a fluffy bed that is very demanding for upkeep, it would be good to opt for some water-resistant material that you can simply wipe down once a week.        

3. Keep your pet clean

If your pet is clean, it will make your house less dirty. First of all, you need to groom your furry friends regularly to take the excessive hair out of the equation. A quality dog clipper and regular trimming and bathing should do the trick and significantly reduce the vacuuming time. It’s advisable to wipe your pet’s paws before you enter the house so that you don’t have to mop the floor twice a day.    

What neutralizes pet odors? 

Apart from maintaining your pet’s hygiene, in order to get rid of unpleasant smells, you need to vacuum and air your house regularly. It’s also wise to consider using an air filter. Make sure to empty the litter box frequently and mop the floor as soon as it gets dirty. A great natural remedy to get rid of all the stains and reduces pet odor is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. You can spray it on your furniture, curtains, carpets, and even on your pet’s bed.

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How do you keep your house clean with pets

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