Whether you prefer hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, or shrimp, if you’re going to entertain in your backyard oasis this summer, you need to know how to clean a grill. A clean grill will result in a safer grilling experience. A clean grill also reduces smoke and helps to remove bad flavors that could cook into your food. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your grill and reduce the hazards associated with cooking on a grill that has not been cleaned. Built-up soot and grease not only affect the results of your cooking, but they could also cause a fire. When you purchase a new grill, it comes with instructions for cleaning and maintenance. If you no longer have that documentation, here are a few practical tips to help with cleaning your grill.

Charcoal Grill

How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

You will need to open the grill

 and remove the various parts to access the grill box. If you have not recently cleaned your grill, there may a layer of ash and soot that needs to be scrapped away. To remove this build-up, use a metal putty knife or an old spatula. Each time you use your grill you should use a wire brush to clean the grate and remove the ashes. When cleaning the grate, it is easier to clean with a wire brush when the grill is hot. This makes it much easier to remove any burnt-on food that may still be attached to the grate. But use caution. You should never touch a hot grill, inside or out, with your bare hands.

Gas Grill

How to Clean a Gas Grill

If you are using a gas grill, it should also be cleaned. The first step is to make sure the gas is turned off or the gas tank has been removed. The grate, sides, and top should be cleaned after every use. The grate should be removed regularly and the area around the burners cleaned. This is also a good time to replace the lava rocks and to inspect the V-shaped metal plates covering the burners. Replace if necessary. When cleaning the bottom of the grill, inspect the burners to make sure nothing is blocking the flow of gas. If burners are blocked or clogged, you may get an uneven flow which will result in poor grilling results. If the burners cannot be cleaned, you should replace them at this time. With the grill cleaned and disassembled, now is a good time to paint any areas that need painting. When painting your grill be sure to use high heat paint. Rust-oleum and Krylon both make paint specifically for this purpose. Regular paint may simply burn off once the grill is up to cooking temperature. Steaks sizzling on a grill smell wonderful. Scorched paint, not so much.

Carefully reassemble your gas or charcoal grill.  You can now enjoy your summertime cookout knowing that your grill is clean and functioning properly.

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