I watched several tutorials about how to clean a stove hood filter. Maybe I’m lazy, but the best way I’ve found to clean vent filters is to pop it in the dishwasher every few months. That being said, the videos and slideshows I watched on youtube about cleaning stove hood vent filters, even for the dirtiest filters, all looked like a whole lot of unnecessary work.

This video shows a woman using about a tablespoon or two of white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda in boiling water. First of all, grease is on the acidic end of the pH scale, so you need a basic/alkaline cleaner to remove the grease from the vent filter. The vinegar, which is acidic, is unnecessary. By putting vinegar (acidic) and baking soda together, this lady probably brought the water back to a near neutral pH, so the only factor that had any effect on the vent filters was the heat from the boiling water, which softened the grease. Just skip the vinegar and use the baking soda for a much better result, but be careful when adding baking soda to boiling water – add a little at a time or it might boil over.

If you have several years’ worth of grease build-up, you might also try spreading liquid dishwashing detergent over the vent filters and letting them sit for about 20-30 minutes, then rinsing with warm water while scrubbing gently with a toothbrush. If you don’t have liquid dishwashing detergent, add about one-half cup of powdered dishwashing detergent to just enough warm water in a casserole dish or flat tray to cover the vent filter. That should get most of the grease off, and anything left in hard-to-reach corners can be taken care of with a little extra scrubbing or a trip through a dishwasher cycle.

Or, do it the easy way and put a reminder on your calendar at the beginning of every month or two to run your vent filters through your dishwasher!


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