Hiring a professional cleaner can be a game-changer for maintaining a spotless home, freeing up valuable time and energy for you and your family. However, every industry, home maintenance included, has its share of amateurs and fraudsters looking to get rich fast. 

For this reason, you should learn how to recognize red flags when dealing with unprofessional cleaners. But what are the warning signs to watch out for? Is it possible to tell whether the Charleston housekeeping specialist you hired is a genuine professional? 

You’re in luck! We’ve provided some tips on how to recognize a poor cleaning provider. Read on!

What should a housekeeper not do?

Here are a few qualities that separate professional companies from amateurs:

1. Having poor online ratings 

It’s important to note that low rates are an indication of unprofessional behavior for two main reasons:

  • Both quality and reliability come at a cost. This is how things have always been, no matter what happens.
  • Professionals value their work. Having an extensively trained pro by your side means working with an individual with a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality.

So, before choosing a company, check out their reviews on The BBB, and Yelp! And don’t forget Google Reviews, as well. It is important, however, not to rely solely on ratings. Invest some time in reading the reviews. What should a housekeeper not do

2. There’s no background check on their team

A cleaning provider will have access to your home, interact with your family, and be in close proximity to all of your belongings, so their reliability, trustworthiness, and accountability are crucial. Keep in mind to ask for photo identification and a background check before letting them into your home. 

Still, it’s quite common for reliable companies to conduct background checks on new hires. In the event that the company you’re considering fails to comply with this – keep looking, as safety should always be your top priority.

3. Lack of punctuality & reliability

An expert always prioritizes punctuality and reliability. Lack of unprofessionalism is apparent in case your housekeeper is always late, never shows up for appointments, or fails to complete tasks within the agreed-upon timeframe. You deserve someone who values your time and will be there to get the job done.

4. Poor communication skills

Effective communication is essential for any professional relationship, and this includes your cleaner. An unprofessional housekeeper may be unresponsive to your calls, texts, or emails or may fail to provide you with important information regarding their services. On the other hand, you can expect a reliable one to be open to discussing your needs and preferences, as well as any concerns you may have.

5. Inability to customize services

Every home is unique, and professionals should be able and willing to tailor their services accordingly. If they insist on using a one-size-fits-all approach or refuse to accommodate your exact needs, it’s a clear sign that they may not be the right fit for your home. A true expert will work with you to create a customized and thorough plan that addresses your specific requirements, without disrupting your daily activities. Where can I find experienced housekeeping professionals in Charleston & beyond

6. No specialized equipment & supplies

A reliable company will dispatch a team to your home equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to complete their tasks efficiently and diligently. However, if your team consistently arrives unprepared or uses low-quality products, it’s a sign that they may not take their job seriously. Every pro knows how vital it is to be well-equipped at all times and to have high-quality products at hand.

Where can I find experienced housekeeping professionals in Charleston & beyond? 

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