Everyone loves Halloween, right? But when the spooky season is over is when responsible homeowners get really horror-stricken. There’s usually at least some candy residue on carpets and furniture, hair dye and make-up staining all over the place, and unsightly rotten pumpkins to get rid of. Read on to find out how to power through your post-Halloween cleaning and get everything back to normal ASAP.

How do you clean after Halloween?

1. Spray-on hair dye

It’s not easy cleaning up after Halloween, but there are ways. For machine-washable materials such as clothing, first, flush the stain with cold running water to push out as much stain as possible. Run the water through the backside of the stained material, pushing the stain away from the cloth. Then use a laundry pre-treatment product. Rubbing alcohol is also effective. 

For non-washable items, use cotton balls or a cloth to apply the rubbing alcohol to the stain. For hard surfaces, an abrasive cream cleanser and a scrub brush will work. Magic Erasers are also effective, however, be careful about scratching shiny surfaces.

2. Wigs

Wigs can be washed like your hair: With shampoo. Use cool water and soak the wig instead of scrubbing. Rinse in cool water under the tap. To dry the wig, shake off the water, then lay it on a towel.

3. Make-up and fake blood

What will get makeup out of clothes? Rubbing alcohol is perfect for make-up that has been smeared on clothing. Fake blood is made from corn syrup and dye. Use rubbing alcohol.

4. Fur costumes

Furry costumes can also be washed with shampoo and cool water. To dry the suit, roll it up in towels to absorb as water, then air dry. For fur that’s matted, use the cool setting on a hairdryer.

5. Chocolate stains

Knowing how to remove chocolate stains from carpet or other fabrics can come in hand at other times too. Shout works well for removing chocolate stains from fabric. Spray a little on the stain and rub the fabric against itself. To remove chocolate stains from a sofa cushion, gently scrub with Shout.

6. Candy ground into carpet

How do you clean Halloween candy out of carpet? Resolve carpet stain remover can be used on stains from candy that has been ground into rugs. For candy stuck in your car’s floorboards, use a strong vacuum or a scraping tool.

7. Vomit

It’s not nice to do, but knowing how to clean vomit is truly necessary. Start by picking up as much as you can with paper towels. Absorb the remaining moisture with paper towels. For the odor, sprinkle baking soda on the spot, allow it to sit for an hour, then vacuum.

Can professionals help me clean my house after Halloween?

Can professionals help me clean my house after HalloweenYes, our trustworthy experts will gladly help you restore the cleanliness of your home after Halloween or at any other time of the year. Castle Keepers is a reputable company with a trained team, extensive experience, and proven tools and methods. 

Count on us to apply meticulous cleaning practices and protect you from the impact of germs if you have compromised immunity. We also know how to care for your light fixtures, make those hard-to-clean places in your kitchen hygienic, and perform a wide range of other indispensable chores. 

You can rely on our technicians because they’re screened and vetted professionals. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Call us to share your concerns and we’ll find the best way to address them. Give us a call, choose your preferred package, and set up your appointment easily and quickly!

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