People usually think of tidying up their garage when the time for spring home maintenance comes. Naturally, you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know how to start. Fortunately, there is a simple method of efficient garage cleaning

However, you might need a bit of help to tackle this formidable task. That’s why a lot of people prefer to turn to reputable maid services in Mauldin, SC for professional assistance. This article outlines some useful tips on how to tidy up your garage in 5 simple steps.

How do I clean and sanitize my garage?

This may seem like an impossible mission, but all you need is good organization and using some clever tricks. Let’s see what you should do. 


Garages are packed with items that people store for later use, which in most cases doesn’t happen. When you need to choose between so many items, the best way is to take everything out. Go through items and put everything that is redundant in a garbage bag. If you want to make housekeeping more fun, you should listen to music while you do chores. Create a playlist with upbeat songs, roll up your sleeves and start decluttering.

Make an inventory of items

First, sort the items depending on whether you want to keep, sell, give away or donate them. Make a list of all the items that you’re planning on keeping with a short description of distinct features. Number the items and divide them into categories. This will be very useful for the next step.

Devise a storage plan

One of the reasons why people have trouble clearing up their garage is the fact that things are usually scattered all around. Once you have made an inventory of items, you can rearrange them and set a more suitable place. In general, it’s better to put things that you use more often in the front and provide easy access. 


Start with vacuuming the floor and proceed with wiping the dust. Next, clean thoroughly before disinfecting. One of the fun facts about housekeeping is that in order for a disinfectant to kick in properly you need to put it on a clean surface. Soap and detergent physically remove dirt and grime and enable disinfectant to be effective.

Use storage space wisely

Since you don’t use most of the surfaces in your garage, you should think outside the box and consider some solutions that may seem unconventional at first. You can use storage towers for plastic storage bins instead of putting them on top of each other. That way you’ll have easy access to your belongings. 

Use corner shelves to take advantage of existing sheds. Put baseball bats, log-handled tools and rolls in the concrete forming tube. On top of this you can obtain a wall tool holder, monkey bar wall unit, pallet racking and the like.  

One of the basic dos and don’ts of cleaning is preventing dust and dirt upbuild. An efficient remedy for this problem are canvas storage bags which are suitable for but not limited to cumbersome objects like plastic trees and wreaths. 

Which maid services in Mauldin SC are dependable?

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