Bathroom maintenance is a drag, not to mention all the chemicals you’re exposed to. It’s exhausting and time-consuming and a never-ending task. Although having a sparkling bathroom seems impossible at times, there is a way to clean it like a pro.

However, there’s no need to go through this ordeal alone. That’s why a lot of people in downtown Charleston, SC count on expert cleaning companies for assistance. This article will provide you with some specialist bathroom clean-up tips. Let’s find out how to make this chore a breeze.

How can I make my bathroom clean easier? 

This may seem hard to attain, but if you provide regular upkeep and use a few tricks, tidying up your bathroom can be very easy. Here’s what you need to do:

Clean as you go

Just like when you clean the kitchen, removing the grime after using the bathroom facilitates its maintenance and prevents it from becoming neglected. You can use a bathroom squeegee for this purpose. Open the bathroom window to let the steam out and wipe the shower walls with squeegee after you’re done showering. Put the shower curtain closed all the way to prevent water from sitting in the folds. This will ward off the mold buildup and it takes just a few minutes. 

Clean up the surfaces

Put away all the toiletries and other bathroom paraphernalia to provide easy access to surfaces. You should use the same strategy when you clean the living room. Put empty shampoo bottles and toilet rolls in the trash. Collect all dirty clothes and towels and put them in the hamper.

Wipe the dust

Similar to taking care of your bedroom, you should start from the top and make your way down so that when the dust falls it doesn’t make the clean surfaces dirty again. It’s advisable to use a damp microfiber cloth especially for glass surfaces to avoid streaking and lints falling off. If you want to prevent your mirrors and reflective surfaces getting foggy you can rub some shaving cream on them.   

Deep cleaning

The best way to perform this type of clean-up involves starting with the toilet scrubbing. Spray or pour the cleaner on the toilet pan and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Use an old toothbrush for the toilet rim to get right into the crevices around seat hinges. Rub some alcohol onto the toilet seat. After the agent has kicked in, rub the toilet pan with a brush, flush and clean the brush. 

Use an all purpose cleaner for tub and sink scrubbing. Don’t forget to descale the shower head. You can use vinegar to remove the calcium deposits. While calcium buildup may not be harmful to you, it can leave your hair dull and your skin dry. When it comes to tiles, a very efficient remedy for dirt removal is a steam cleaner. Finally, mop the floor and let it dry for 20 minutes and you’ll have a sparkling bathroom. 

Where in downtown Charleston, SC can I find renowned cleaning companies?

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