Let’s keep Santa healthy so he can deliver presents to all the girls and boys! Kids can do their part by cleaning their hands before they jump on his lap to talk about their wish list this year! With lots of holiday get-togethers, shopping and extra time spent indoors because of cold weather, now is a good time to remind children about the importance of keeping hands clean at home and when they’re on the go. While you are talking to your children about good hand hygiene, encourage them to decorate the Clean Your Paws for Santa Claus activity sheet, compliments of the American Cleaning Institute, and display it on your refrigerator during the holidays to remind them and your other family members about the importance of good hand hygiene!

One of our little artists here at Castle Keepers, Lauren H., completed the activity sheet to show the rest of us how it’s done!

Keep Germs Away During the Holiday Season!

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water, scrubbing for 20 seconds.
  • When you are on the go and soap and water aren’t available, use wipes or gel or foam hand sanitizers.


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