3 Ways to Store Your Cleaning Supplies

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The key to keeping your home spotless and sanitary is having a stock of quality cleaning products. However, they tend to emit vapor, and you should protect yourself and your family from long-term exposure to toxins. Therefore, you need to designate a perfect spot in the house to have easy access to the supplies and keep them out of the children’s and pets’ reach.

Many people don’t want to deal with this problem and the residue, which is why they ask reliable cleaning companies in Spartanburg for aid. This article provides practical advice on how to organize your maintenance equipment.

How should I store my cleaning supplies?

When you store cleansers, you should take a couple of factors into consideration: 

1. Choose a cool, dry place

Most chemicals give off vapor when they’re heated, and some of them can have hazardous reactions if the level of humidity is high. Keep the disinfectants in a well-ventilated area at a safe distance from vents to avoid the spread of fumes around the house. Another way to improve the air quality is to use leak-proof containers to prevent pungent odors. Make sure to label the containers so that you don’t need to open them whenever you need a specific product.

If you want to eliminate the risk of your kids or furry friends getting exposed to chemicals, store them on shelves or in the garage. When it comes to items that you use on a daily basis like dishwashing liquid or detergent, it’s more practical to keep them under the sink. Having instant access to the supplies will make the upkeep less overwhelming. Just put a lock on the cabinet for safety reasons.    

2. Use the storage space rationally

There are a lot of places where you can keep the cleaning agents and accessories that are not that obvious. In order to make the best possible use of the vertical space of doors, you should use S hooks and clamps to hang mops, brooms, and dusters. This will also provide easy access to the tools and make dusting your home a breeze

Put a small diameter removable tension rod under the sink to store spray bottles. Lazy Susan is multi-practical and you can use it for disinfectant storage in the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Divide the equipment according to chores

Grouping disinfectants and tools based on their use will save you some preparation time. For example, make essential divisions into a mopping, dusting, and scrubbing category and set a place for each category of items depending on the room which you clean with them the most. If you organize your utensils that way, you’ll save plenty of energy when doing housework.  

Where should you store chemicals and other household productsWhere should you store chemicals and other household products?

When it comes to storing chemicals, the best place is a garage or sink cabinet. Use vertical shelving for microfiber cloths, mops, and door hooks for brooms and dusters. Since you need to vacuum your house often, you should keep the vacuum cleaner somewhere close, like in a closet or pantry.  

Which reliable cleaning companies in Spartanburg should I opt for?

Devising an efficient storage system will facilitate the upkeep. However, if you don’t want your household tools and cleansers to take up too much of your precious space and pollute the air, you can count Castle Keepers Greenville for help. Our trained experts will clean up your house from top to bottom and use solely eco-friendly products that leave no residue.  

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