Every industry in the world is filled with incompetent providers and those who stand out, and the residential upkeep industry is no exception. Finding a reputable and dependable maintenance team can be fraught with uncertainty, especially if you don’t know what to look for and whether there are some red flags. 

So, if you’ve been researching house cleaning companies in North Charleston,  and you’re not sure which ones you should hire, here are some tips on how to recognize a bad house cleaning service

How to recognize the warning signs?

Your research would require a bit of detective work. However,  there are some very obvious signs that discern unreliable and fraudulent maintenance providers from their established and successful counterparts:

How to recognize the warning signs

1. Extremely low rates

The first red flag you can easily spot when browsing through a list maintenance providers is that some of them list extremely low rates. Just as with any other service, quality comes with a price. For that reason, if they’re offering you a ridiculously low price for their assistance, you should stay away. Namely, these unrealistic rates can be a sign of other concealed motives, and you may be putting your property at risk, unknowingly teaming up with people who break labor laws, or violate human rights. 

2. The company isn’t registered

Every legitimate provider must be registered to run their business under state law and pay taxes. The ones that aren’t registered can do whatever they like and maximize their profits by avoiding taxes. Tax avoidance is one of the first warning signs you need to look out for, and here is why. 

Namely, in the event of theft or damage, the maintenance provider can’t be held accountable because they aren’t registered. In fact, the blame can be shifted to you as you’re dealing with an unregistered provider at your own risk. So, before you hire somebody, always check if they are registered and operating in compliance with the official laws and regulations.

3. The company lacks professional cleaning equipment

A good professional cleaning service will always come prepared, and that means cutting edge equipment along with a wide range of hygiene products.

Maintenance providers that lack specialized equipment are unlikely to achieve spotless results. There are providers that require from their clients or employees to purchase all the supplies, to remain on budget. This will put the responsibility for unsatisfactory results on your own toolkit. This is one example of how unreliable maintenance companies treat their clients, all the while seeking to be compensated for their poor assistance. 

4.  Subcontractors

A subcontractor is a third-party entity hired by another commercial enterprise. This means they are not employees of the given business, but they are just being paid for their labor, usually on an hourly, or per-job basis. When it comes to the maintenance industry, this is a major reason for concern. For starters, you can never know whether these people are insured, bonded, properly screened, and trained.

Additionally, if you experience some sort of issue after the maintenance session, the agency you booked the appointment with will not be liable for any damages or losses, since they hired a subcontractor.

5.  No permanent address

Nowadays, almost everything is done online, and scammers can present themselves as a local maintenance team to gain access to your house. So, if you want to file a complaint for any reason, such as poor quality, property damage, or theft, we recommend contacting the headquarters. If your selected provider doesn’t have a permanent address or lists fake addresses online, you may be dealing with a fraudulent company.

How to tell a cleaner to do a better job?

Clear and timely communication is of the essence when it comes to professional maintenance. Always be clear and ask what a cleaning includes. For instance, ask if they clean ceiling fans? Do they vacuum pet hair off the couch? Do they change bedsheets? Also, If you need a type of assistance that’s not included, ask them to add it for an extra charge. 

Once you know exactly what you want, you can enjoy your favorite bands at the High Water Fest, and leave the chores to the professionals. 

Where to find reliable and legit house cleaning companies in North Charleston? 

How to tell a cleaner to do a better job

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