How To Tidy Up Your Living Room in 5 Simple Steps

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The living room is probably the most frequently used location in a person’s house. People want to have a sparkling living room because that’s the place where they like to unwind after a hard day at work, spend time with their family, and entertain their guests.

However, its upkeep can be very demanding at times, which is why it’s no wonder that so many people book a professional cleaning service in Norcross to assist them with this formidable task. This article lays out some effective methods of living room maintenance. Read on to learn more!

What is the fastest way to deep clean your living room?

If you want to achieve the best possible results, you should tidy up your living room in a particular order. Follow these 5 steps:

1. Detailed vacuuming

The first thing that you need to do is vacuum the carpet and the floor thoroughly to remove the thick dust and dirt. When you vacuum make sure to use different extensions. You can use a crevice tool to clean up the dust in corners and places that are hard to reach. As for the furniture, the best option is an upholstery tool. It’s advisable to use an extension wand to vacuum the surface underneath the sofa.

2. Dusting

The next step is dusting the ceiling, corners of walls, ceiling fan, fixtures, paintings, lamps and furniture. Microfiber dusters with extended handles are the best for cleaning a ceiling fan or light fixtures. You can use high-reach mops and long-handled brooms as an alternative. You will probably need a ladder, too.

When it comes to paintings and lamps a regular duster should do the trick. Microfiber cloth is always a good choice for wiping the furniture, just make sure not to soak it in water to avoid damaging the paint.

3. Take down draperies, curtains and blinds

Draperies, curtains and blinds tend to collect a lot of dust, although it may not seem that way at a first glance. After you have taken them off you need to wash them thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s directions. Since these home accessories are usually made from sensitive materials you could wash them manually. Make sure to use gloves as a safety measure, as hand washing products can dry your skin.

4. Tidy up the bookshelves

Take out all the books and wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth. Wipe the bookshelves and all the knickknacks, let them dry for 20 minutes and put everything back in its place. If you want to spare yourself from endless dusting, you should obtain a closed shelving with a glass cover to keep the dust away. 

5. Wash the carpets and rugs

Since carpets and rugs can get very dirty and be covered in satins you will need to use some heavy artillery such as carpet shampooer and steam cleaner. If you need to remove stubborn stains you can opt for the solution of water and vinegar which is a green cleaning remedy. Mix ⅔ of water and ⅓ of vinegar and add a teaspoon of salt per cup of solution to bind the stain particles. This solution is very effective for basement maintenance, too.     

Where can I find reliable cleaning service in Norcross?

What is the fastest way to deep clean your living room

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