Now that you’re faced with a dumping ground your bedroom has become, you’re probably wondering what’s the most effective way to get rid of all that unorganized laundry, scattered books, paper piles, gadgets, and other miscellaneous items. And is there one? 

Luckily, there is. All you have to do is to put some of these expert cleaning hacks into practice and you’ll have your bedroom spruced up in no time. However, if the task seems too hard to handle on your own, you can always count on professional maid service in Greer to take care of it for you. Read on and learn more!

What is the fastest way to clean your bedroom?

When it comes to tidying your bedroom, you can spend an entire day on the task. But, do you want to give valuable time to something that could be covered in less than an hour? Follow this 10-steps formula to get even the messiest room in perfect order:

  1. Strip the bed of all sheets and blankets
  2. Put the fresh bedding on
  3. Pick up clothes off the floor and put them away where they belong
  4. Fill up the hamper with dirty laundry
  5. Put away non-clothing items, such as accessories, makeup products, books, and toys spread around the room
  6. Wipe down additional furniture in the room
  7. Do general dusting
  8. Give your bedroom a good sweep/vacuum 
  9. Open the curtains, not just for aesthetics purposes only but to take advantage of natural light
  10. Open windows to let fresh air in

What should you use to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas?

Although hard-to-reach spots might be the most dreaded chore people have to deal with on regular basis, by using these expert tips you’ll cut the time you usually spend on some of them: 

1. Underneath and in-between furniture 

Due to their inaccessibility, these areas usually stay overlooked during tidying sessions. Although skipping them once in a while won’t hurt you, please note that breathing in dirt, dust and other allergens can be hazardous to your health. Use a simple telescopic wand attached to your vacuum and tackle neglected spots to prevent this from happening.

2. Corners 

Pick the right broom and handle every inch of your bedroom properly. For instance, angled one is known as the most suitable for corners since it’s carefully designed to fit in hard-to-reach areas. Once you finally have it all together, the last thing you want is all your efforts wasted.

3. Wardrobe interior

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to combat the task than to take everything out of the closet and thoroughly wipe it down bit by bit. Have a vacuum on hand, just in case you want to get rid of dust and debris first, and then move on to polishing. 

What should you use to clean corners and hard-to-reach areas4. Wardrobe top

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then go for a duster with a completely bendable head. As a result, you’ll reach the otherwise tricky part between the ceiling and the wardrobe top with relative ease.

5. Ceilings 

There are two options, both equally successful in dealing with the most commonly hated household chore. The quickest one is to use your vacuum with a brush attachment and gently glide it over the ceiling area. The other one is to run a telescopic duster over the surface and remove any dust and cobwebs hanging from the walls.

Who offers trustworthy maid service in Greer?

Castle Keepers is here to provide you with an expert move out cleaning, and an array of other custom solutions that can help you tackle your home top to bottom. You don’t have to worry about germ magnets lurking in your kitchen, or to sweat over how to keep the bathroom sanitized ever again. 

Whether you live nearby Greer City Park or elsewhere in Greenville County, our seasoned team has the knowledge to address the issue and ensure all your expectations are met. What’s more, all our services are powered by a combination of green cleaning tools and methods, as well as effective, eco-friendly products. 

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