Which cleaning service in Simpsonville is trustworthy

Finding the time to do chores is challenging enough as it is, and it only gets harder when you’re unknowingly making mistakes while cleaning. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people prefer to hire a reputable cleaning service in Simpsonville to take care of these chores for them.

In the following article, we’ll help you make the most of your housekeeping efforts by discussing 5 of the most common mistakes people make while cleaning, and how to avoid them. Read on!

What are some cleaning mistakes to avoid?

Although you may think that you can’t go wrong as long as you clean, there are 5 mistakes things that you should avoid:

1. Cleaning with dirty tools

One of the ways to prepare for a thorough cleanup is to check the condition of your equipment. You should make sure that the dust canister is empty before you start vacuuming. Don’t forget to wash the microfiber cloth and sanitize the sponges. If you use dirty cleaning tools, you’ll make things worse as you’ll spread the dirt and harmful bacteria around the house. You should also never use the same sponge for different surfaces.

2. Rubbing stains instead of blotting

The history of cleaning tools and supplies teaches us that in case you spill something on your carpet, you should avoid your first instinct to scrub it, as this will only push the stain deeper into the material and cause it to spread or even damage the fiber. Instead, you should blot the stain with a clean cloth first to draw the residue and the dirt out, and apply the stain remover.   

3. Disinfecting before cleaning

What are some cleaning mistakes to avoidPeople may think that there’s no difference between disinfecting and cleaning, but that’s not the case. When you clean you physically remove the dirt and germs from a surface, whereas a disinfectant kills bacteria and microorganisms.

In order for a disinfectant to be effective, you need to apply it to a clean surface. If you are trying to cut down on the amount of chemicals and reduce the residue, you can apply some of the efficient homemade supplies.

When you apply the cleaning agent, you shouldn’t spray it directly onto the surface because it will create a sticky finish or cause residue build-up. Spray the supply on the cloth and wipe the surface.

4. Not cleaning the sink

Although your sink may seem clean because water runs over it every day, it is in fact one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen. As sinks are covered with germs and bacteria that grow quickly from food residue and clogged drains, you should always clean the sink and then disinfect it to avoid foodborne illnesses.

5. Using too much detergent

When you do the laundry, even if you’re washing an extra dirty load, you should never go overboard with the detergent. Excessive use of detergent can cause skin allergies and leave stains on your clothes that might not rinse out.

The same goes for pouring more fabric softener than is recommended by the manufacturer. This can create an opposite effect and make the fabric stiff and greasy, as well as reduce the absorbency of towels.

Which cleaning service in Simpsonville is trustworthy?

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