People say that there is no second chance for a first impression. This goes for living rooms, too as this is the place that everyone will see first when they enter your house. That’s why it’s important to keep your living room in a presentable state.

The easiest way to do this is to outsource this task to the experts in house cleaning in Downtown Charleston, SC. However, if you’d like to learn how to do it on your own, you can do so by following the 5 living room cleaning steps we have outlined below. Read on!

What is the best way to clean a living room? 

Living room upkeep can be quite overwhelming at times. Luckily, you can simplify the process if you follow these 5 simple steps:


Similar to cleaning your bedroom, you need to get rid of the clutter first to ensure easy access to the surfaces that you’re going to clean. Throw away old magazines, newspapers, leaflets, bills and mail. 

Gather all the items that don’t belong in the living room and put them in a special container. There is no need to deal with misplaced items at this point, you can put them in their place when you’re done cleaning.

Vacuum and dust

When you vacuum the carpet start on the far edge of it and push the vacuum forward in a straight line. When you dust you should work your way from top to bottom. Start with corners of the ceiling and ceiling fans, wipe the bookshelves, blinds and artwork and proceed with the electronics. Don’t forget to dust the coffee table and baseboards. Just like with bathroom cleaning, you should pay special attention to hard-touch surfaces and disinfect them

Freshen up your couch

Wash the blankets and other coverings. Check if the cushion covers are washable or you need to use a dry cleaner and wash them in a washing machine or manually. Don’t forget to fluff up your pillows. Vacuum upholstery with the upholstery attachment or a rotating brush. It’s advisable to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to get rid of all the dust mites, pollen, germs and hair.

Deal with glass surfaces

Wash the windows with a ready-made glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and focus on splatter and grimes on the glass. That way you’ll save up the supplies and won’t have to deal with the residue. 

Wipe the window from side to side and from top to bottom to avoid streaking. Squeegee is always a good alternative for window cleaning as it can absorb liquids and remove residual water.

Mop the floor

Use a long-handled mop and a bucket of warm water with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. This solution will help you remove all the dirt and grime effortlessly. Replace the water in a bucket and repeat the process to rinse the floor. Let it dry for some 20 to 30 minutes. You can apply the same principle if you want to clean a dirty kitchen quickly.   

Which companies offer comprehensive house cleaning in downtown Charleston, SC?

Which companies offer comprehensive house cleaning in downtown Charleston, SCLiving room maintenance can be a bit of hassle, especially when you are limited with time. Of course that’s no reason to worry, as you can always turn to Castle Keepers Charleston for help. Our seasoned pros cover everything from general dusting to hand washing baseboards. 

If you don’t want to clean up the whole house, but just focus on one room we offer rotational deep cleaning. Visit McLeod Plantation Historic Site while our dedicated experts make your living room squeaky clean. We are only a phone call away!