6 Tips to Protect Your Home’s Air Quality from Dust Storms

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If you live in Mesa, you know what the words “monsoon” and “haboob” mean. Unfortunately, you also know that when those types of storms roll through the valley, they leave a big mess of dirt and dust behind. Not only is this annoying when you’re trying to keep your house and yard clean, but extra dust can also be a big problem if you have allergies or respiratory issues.

What’s in all that dust blowing around Mesa? In an article by AZ Central, Arizona State University Researcher Peter Hyde says that the biggest contributors are mine tailings, dust from construction sites, dirt from the Salt River Channel in Mesa, agricultural land around Arizona, and of course desert areas far and wide.

And if you breathe in too much of what’s floating around the air during or after a dust storm, you could be at risk for developing what’s called “valley fever.” According to the Mayo Clinic, valley fever is a fungal infection that can happen when the spores are stirred into the air and spread around.

So how do you protect yourself and your family from dust storms? How can you improve the air quality in your home?

Check Your Air Filters and HVAC System.

When was the last time you changed your air filter in your home? It’s pretty simple to do, and air filters are generally inexpensive. When your air filter gets caked with dust, it becomes less efficient in stopping other dirt, and the health of your entire HVAC system breaks down. That’s why I also recommend that you get your HVAC system cleaned regularly. Not all HVAC companies “clean” in the same way. Renew Air in Mesa goes the extra mile because not only do they thoroughly clean your home venting, but they also service the air handler and drain pan, which if not cleaned regularly can grow mold. You definitely don’t want to be breathing that in.

Seal Your Home.

There are a lot of nooks and crannies in your home where dust can creep in, like in window sills, under doors, etc. If you are currently in an older home, do what you can to can to seal different areas of your home by using appropriate products on the problem areas. In our cleaning business, we see a big difference in homes that are well built. For example, VIP Construction in Mesa does a great job building not just energy-efficient homes, but homes that are tightly sealed and protect better against dust.

Ditch the Broom!

Use quality products that actually remove dust from your home. People are sometimes surprised to hear that Castle Keepers House Cleaning does not use brooms. That’s because brooms throw fine dust into the air. Instead, we use a commercial backpack vacuum with a double HEPPA filter that effectively contains fine dust. That old vacuum in the closet your mom gave you? Unfortunately, it can spew dust and contaminants into the air. For general dusting, we use PerfectCLEAN microfiber cloths with anti-microbial properties, because we aren’t just cleaning to improve the way your home looks, but most importantly, the health of your home. Not all maid services are focused on healthy cleaning, but Castle Keepers House Cleaning has been an industry leader in healthy cleaning methods for many years.

Look to Your Landscaping.

Many homes in Mesa have yards that have never been landscaped, which means lose dirt is close by. Some may feel overwhelmed because they don’t know where to start, or they are worried that they’ll have to spend a lot to make a difference. Robert at A&P Nursery in Mesa said that even just planting a few trees, shrubs, or flowers can lessen the dust that blows around the yard and potentially into your house. Robert recommends that homeowners come in and ask for help picking out native plants that will be easy to care for and help keep down the dust. It’s definitely cheaper than putting in a lawn, and less work, too.

For Pool Owners.

Keeping your pool clean is a regular chore, but during monsoon season it’s even more important. Liane from Davis Pool Service in Mesa tells pool owners to stay on top of pool cleaning as much as possible. Plan on spending extra time when dust storms happen. Check those skimmers and pump baskets after each storm, and you’ll need to do backwashes more frequently if you have a sand filter. If you don’t keep up on cleaning, then you could end up with filters that fail and pumps that break, and that could mean a hefty price tag. Or worse, a green pool that no one can swim in.

Regular House Cleaning.

Dust is a year-round problem. If you let it get out of control, it can lower the air quality in your home. Getting rid of dust once in a while isn’t enough—it must be done regularly. Besides lowering the air quality, not keeping up on dusting can actually damage the finish on hardwood and natural stone floors. We’d be happy to give you a free quote for house cleaning services through Castle Keepers House Cleaning. You might be surprised at how affordable it can be, and that’s one less thing to worry about. Rather than cleaning, you can enjoy your home!

Dust storms are the norm here in the desert, but it doesn’t have to be a problem in your home. With some extra preparations and considerations, you can reduce dust and improve the air quality in your home.


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