Pets are the valued members of every family. While their unconditional love and the fact that they are so cuddly and playful can bring you sheer joy, wiping and vacuuming after them isn’t exactly fun or easy. Not to mention that pet owners need to tidy up more often than the people who don’t have pets. 

Regular maintenance of a home with pets can be very demanding. However, your house can be speckless even with your furry friends. This article outlines some useful tips on how to achieve this. If you don’t manage to whip your house into shape, you can always rely on a reputable cleaning service in Powdersville, SC for help. Have a look at some clever tricks! 

How do you keep your house clean with pets?

Cats and dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago, which means that the long history of housekeeping can teach us how to have a well-kept home with pets. Here are some tips that will make the job easier.

1. Get a powerful vacuum cleaner

Furry pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits are prone to shedding, which is why you can expect to find their hair all over your home. That’s why using a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction pump will ensure strong dirt and hair absorption off your floors and carpets. Your appliance of choice should also have a good filter that is easy to empty and clean. 

2. Groom your pets regularlyHow often should you mop with pets

You should use a grooming clipper or a rubber brush to free your furry friend from excessive hair, especially if it has a thick coat. This will help reduce the shedding and save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend vacuuming and mopping the floor. When it comes to your clothes, make sure to use a lint roller to avoid spreading the hair around your house.


3. Pet-proof your home

Pets tend to be very curious and move around a lot, which can expose them to danger and your house to more dirt. Put some protective cover over your furniture to fight off the shedding. Keep your attic window and door closed and store everything in closets and boxes since cats like to explore and will leave no stone unturned in their search for the thing that has caught their interest. Cover your trash cans and keep the chemicals in the basement, bathroom, and kitchen out of reach. 

4. Clean your pet’s bedding and litter box regularly 

Regular maintenance of pets’ bedding is beneficial not only to home cleanliness but also to their personal hygiene. It will both make your hose less smelly and prevent your pets from getting infected. The same goes for cages, fish tanks, and vivaria. If you’re a cat owner, you should empty the litter box regularly.    

5. Wipe your pet’s paws before you enter the house

If you take your dog for a walk or let it run around the yard, make sure to wipe its paws before it enters the house. Since dogs love digging and rolling over they can easily get dirty. If you wipe their paws you will keep the dirt outside your house. 

How often should you mop with pets?

If you follow the aforementioned tips, you should mop a couple of times a week. The frequency of mopping also depends on the kind of pet that you have as some animals require more maintenance. 

Which cleaning service in Powdersville, SC is trustworthy?

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