Move-In-Deep-Cleaning-TipsYou just moved into your new home, and you couldn’t be happier. Your new house looks pretty clean, and it seems the former owners gave it a good scrubbing. However, there’s always some dirt or grime hiding in places that were missed. So, why not use the opportunity when there is no furniture and give your new home the deep cleaning it deserves?

Before moving in, you may want to consider hiring a Greenville move-in cleaning company to give it a good deep cleaning. On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to know how to do it on your own.  If you’re wondering how much cleaning you should do when moving in, here are some crucial deep cleaning tips you should know.

How to deep clean before moving in?

Before you start deep cleaning your new home, create a simple list to make the job go more efficiently. In every region of the house, you should start high, and finish by mopping the floors. Try to be as efficient as you can because you probably won’t have another chance of having furniture out of the way.

1. Start with the bathroom

Your new bathroom was probably used during the former owner’s movers, so it’s good to clean it first. Use white vinegar or baking soda to remove any stains on the showers, toilets, and sinks. Apply the mixture of water and vinegar to the area and leave to rest for an hour. By that time, the acid in the vinegar will weaken the stain and you’ll be able to scrub it away easily.

When dealing with tile grout stains, apply baking soda then add some vinegar after. Let it rest for half an hour, then start scrubbing with a toothbrush. When it comes to your toilet, you should fill its water tank with white vinegar and let it sit for the entire night. Consequently, the vinegar will get rid of the grime housing the bacteria. Furthermore, don’t forget to disinfect towel hangers, bathroom doorknobs, and light switches.

2. Deep clean the kitchen

The kitchen is often the place of bad odors due to food residue, and it’s best to remove them right away. First, move all the appliances and clean behind them to get rid of any food residue. Next, scrub the sink with steel wool, and add a mixture of lemon/water to give it a shine.

Other deep-cleaning kitchen tasks include:

  • Refrigerator ‒ clean the shelves, vacuum the insides, and clean and disinfect the drawers.
  • Cupboards and drawers ‒ clean and disinfect the inside and outside.
  • Clean the microwave.
  • Scrub and then run the self-cleaning mode in the oven.

3. Rooms

Although rooms are easier to clean, there are always spots that need special attention. So, work around ceiling fans and light fixtures, and don’t forget to clean the walls and ceiling.  When it comes to floors, this is an excellent opportunity for cleaning, as there is still no furniture inside the house. You can do it by yourself, however, if you hire professionals you can expect some serious results.

How-to-deep-clean-before-moving-inIs there a Greenville move-in cleaning company that offers deep cleaning?

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