Guide-to-Cleaning-Before-Moving-InYou are eager to settle into your new home, and you can’t wait to give your interior design talents to good use. No matter how neat and tidy the previous owners kept the place, once the furniture and belongings are out, the leftover dirt, grime, and debris become visible. Dust and bacteria can cause havoc in your home, not to mention that they are a source of many allergies and diseases. Don’t let them take hold and address this issue while you haven’t moved in all your belongings.

For a fresh start in your new home, a thorough clean of the new property is in order. Not only will it produce immediate results, but it’ll also help with your regular home cleaning in the long run. If you decide to do it on your own, a few tips can make the cleaning process easier. Of course, you can always call on a professional move in cleaning service Charleston to handle it for you. Read on to learn how to clean the dirtiest rooms in any home – the kitchen and the bathroom.

How do you clean a kitchen when you move in?

One of the rooms that collects the most grease, dirt, and leftover food particles is obviously the kitchen. This especially applies to homes where cabinets and kitchen appliances are already installed and used by the previous tenant. Dust and grime particles easily go in and through the cabinets, as well as behind and below the fridge. Left unattended, they can develop bacteria over time and move to plates, silverware, and food. Avoid the usual cleaning mistakes by following this step-by-step guide:

    • Start from the top: Dust the ceiling, fans, and light fixtures and use the central vacuum hose to reach the high spots.
    • Clean the walls: For painted walls, use a sponge mixing water and regular liquid detergent. Scrub and dry with an old cloth. Walls covered in wallpaper can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth for dust and then scrubbed on a soap and water mix.
    • Clean the cabinets and countertops: Mix vinegar and warm water and add to a soft cloth for a thorough clean of the inside and doors of cabinets. The counter areas are easier to clean due to their accessibility but pay attention to the cracks between countertop sections.
    • Scrub the sink: Give the sink a good scrub down with a soap-dispensing dish brush and disinfect with a mix of water and vinegar.
  • Clean kitchen appliances:
  1. Unplug the refrigerator and move it away from the wall to remove built-up debris.
  2. Remove the drawers and thoroughly wipe with an all-purpose cleaner.
  3. Apply the same method to clean the stove and dishwasher.
  • Finish with the floors: Thoroughly vacuum every nook and corner of the kitchen and end with mopping, using a safe product for the surface.

How do I clean my bathroom before moving?

As you will most likely be going in and out of the bathroom while cleaning your new home, leave the bathroom as the final cleaning destination. Much like with the kitchen, start your cleaning at the top and work your way down.

Remove the cobwebs and dirt with a duster when you clean the light fixtures and walls. Clean the mold using a bleach cleanser, clean the window frames and remove the mold. Clean the insides of cabinets and the closet with an all-purpose cleaner.

Pour hot water, apply baking soda to the tub surface, and scrub with a sponge or a special grout cleaning brush to remove soap scum and grout in the bathtub. For the toilet, use a bristle scrub brush and disinfect it with a bleach solution.

How-do-you-clean-a-kitchen-when-you-move-inWho can I count on for meticulous move in cleaning services in Charleston and the region?

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