Communication Plan

The organization shall have clear procedures for effective communication among all levels of the organization.


To set guidelines for business communication practices between employees and employees, employees and customers, and within and between departments and department functions.

Quality Control – Five Modes

  • Compliments – Compliments come in via e-mail or phone. Office personnel document complaint in customer’s database file and it is printed and posted on employee compliment board.
  • Complaints – Complaints come in via e-mail or phone. A complaint is put into customer’s database file, and a paper or e-mail copy is distributed to Operations Manager and President by office personnel. Depending upon the nature of the complaint we will offer to come back out to fix problem. If customer declines, we will tag complaint and a supervisor will inspect the next cleaning. Operations Manager will debrief members of cleaning team.
  • Surveys – Three ways: 1) A client can go to website and submit a survey anytime. 2) Office personnel can call and fill out a specialized paper survey with customer. 3) Have teams distribute postage paid postcards to clients twice a year. All surveys are collected, keyed into database to aggregate results and to measure overall performance. We also thank the customer for providing the feedback and look for clarification on issues and for opportunities for improvement. At that point we modify cleaning instructions or provide feedback to team members or office, or both.
  • Inspections – Operations Manager or Supervisor looks at that day’s production data and determine inspections based upon length of time since last inspection, any compliments or complaints, service frequency, First Time In, recent performance of the team in home, and if team is familiar with the home. Supervisor completes inspection form and inputs it into database with results of inspections. Any changes to customer worksheet are added at that time.
  • Equipment – A “Maintenance Tag” is available in the shop for the team member to complete on any major piece of equipment that is not working correctly.

Service Delivery

The In-Home Consultant meets with customer to determine scope of work and explain service. A Customer Service Agreement is completed and a copy is given to customer. If customer takes service, the information on the Customer Service Agreement is put into the customer database and a customer worksheet is created for the new customer. The Customer Worksheet is printed for that customer every time the home is cleaned so the cleaning team has the scope of work for the house and any special instructions from the customer. The Customer Worksheet is updated with contact from customer or input from cleaning team.

Human Resource Issues

Salary Adjustments – Administrative Manager and Operations Manager meet regularly and determine raises and bonuses based upon attendance, tenure and performance. An e-mail from Administrative Manager with recommendations is sent to the President who approves or makes suggestions and sends e-mail back to Administrative and Operations Managers. Administrative Manager files return e-mail in Outlook file and documents action in employee’s electronic payroll file.

Disciplinary Action – A CK Disciplinary Action form is completed by Administrative Manager, Operations Manager or Supervisor, signed by employee and CK representative, and placed in employee’s personnel file.


A CK Procurement Form is completed based upon results of inventory, given to President for review, and sent back to CK office for procurement of items.

General Administrative Matters

No scrap paper or sticky notes are allowed for business communication. Communication must be one of three ways: e-mail, CK Customer Contact Sheet or CK sanctioned form (ex: Vehicle Inspection Form).