Cleaning and Pet Allergies

Like all mammals, cats and dogs constantly shed dander, which are tiny flakes of skin to which some people are allergic. If you have an allergic family member and a pet you don’t want to give up, here are some tips to reduce allergens.

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How to Clean Granite, Marble, and Other Stone Floors

Many types of stone – marble, granite, slate and travertine – are used for walls, floors, countertops and furniture than ever before. These different types of stone call for different types of care, which can get confusing. The care of stone depends on what type of stone it is


How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

The glazed finish of ceramic tile resists all types of stains and soil and wipes up easily with a damp cloth. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that wonderful, carefree tile is surrounded by problem-causing grout.


How to Clean Wood Floors

Most wood floors today are sealed with polyurethane, which is a durable plastic-like coating. It needs little care beyond occasional damp mopping and regular vacuuming to remove grit, which can cause scratches. Keeping floors as free of dust as possible is the most important protection you can give them.


How to Clean a Grill

Whether you prefer hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, or shrimp, if you’re going to entertain in your backyard oasis this summer, you need to know how to clean a grill. A clean grill will result in a safer grilling experience.


Summer Cleaning Tips

A neighbor of mine came back from a 10-day vacation to discover a load of laundry in her washer was mildewed. She had to throw the clothes away. Maybe like her you could use some summer cleaning tips.

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