Cupcake Day at Castle Keepers House Cleaning!

Castle Keepers House Cleaning got a pleasant surprise this week when a new customer, Allison Lubonski of Ladson, dropped by with a tray of cupcakes. It was Allison’s way of saying “thank you” for a job well done. Like any maid service we don’t always do perfect work, but we do try hard to strive for excellence.

From the time a new employee applies for employment with us, through the interviews, drug screening, background checks, and on-site training at our offices in North Charleston, until the moment they first enter the customer’s home, Castle Keepers takes great care to select the most trustworthy individuals and to prepare them to provide residential cleaning services in a professional manner. So it’s very gratifying when a customer goes the extra mile to express their appreciation. Thank you for the thank you!

Pictured below, along with the delicious cupcakes, are Megan Frasier, Zhane Evans, Monique Williams, Monique Powell, Bernia Frasier, and Anthony McDaniel. Not pictured is team member Tara Caballero who was part of the team. It wasn’t easy but we saved her a cupcake! By the way, October 18, 2017 is the National Cupcake Day.

About Castle Keepers House Cleaning

Castle Keepers House Cleaning has been at the forefront of innovation and leadership among house cleaning professionals for years. The company pioneered environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning methods in residential cleaning. Castle Keepers is  independently owned, not a franchise, with branches in Atlanta, GA, Charleston,, SC, Greenville, SC, Portland, OR, and Dayton, OH. To find out more about us, click here.

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