We’re nearly a month into 2021 and here comes a “best of” lists for the year. Our friends at Lifewire have crowned “The Best House Cleaning Apps of 2021.” You can read their full article here. If you would still like to delegate the chores to a professional, remember that this cleaning service, available in Atlanta, Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC, would be happy to take them on!


When keeping the home clean is more than one person’s responsibility, you need an app to keep track of chores and other tasks. OurHome is a great app for families and large households. Download OurHome for iOS
Download OurHome for Android


A house cleaning to-do list should be simple, easy to use, and ready to view at a moment’s notice. The Do! app gives you the same look and feel of a paper to-do list, complete with unique paper and pen sound effects. Download Do! for iOS

House Cleaning

The House Cleaning app is a complete checklist of housekeeping tasks to keep you on track. From kitchen cleaning tasks to the bathroom and beyond, following this list will have you well on your way to a clean home. Download House Cleaning on iOS

Laundry Day

Ever wondered what those symbols mean on the laundry tag of your clothes? They each mean something specific for the care of the garment. With Laundry Day, you simply scan these symbols and receive care instructions based on the selection. Download Laundry Day for iOS


House begins with cleaning building healthy habits. Want to start cleaning your kitchen countertops every single day? The Done app can keep track of those habits to help you keep a clean home each day. Download Done for iOS


Do you have kids that complete chores around the house to earn an allowance? Keeping your kids involved in housekeeping teaches them tasks they’ll need to know for the future. Download Homey for iOS

Download Homey for Android


When you need to hire help, Takl is the perfect app. Once you log-in, you’re able to enter your zip code and find local individuals willing to clean your home, mow your lawn, fix that broken stair, and more. Download Takl for iOS

Download Takl for Android